The Youngest Tallest Woman in the World

Top 10 tallest women in the world according to Wikipedia do not listed her name. She is Elisany Silva or Elizane Cruz Silva or Silva da Cruz Elizane. She is from Brazil, she is currently listed as the youngest tallest woman in the world, and she is around 16 years old this time.


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Elisany Silva is standing 6 feet and 9 inch tall. She is taller than anyone on her village or any women in Brazil. If she is included on the chart of top 10 tallest women in the world ever recorded, she would sit in the 8th rank of world’s tallest women after Malee Duangdee from Thailand who is standing 6feet and 10inches or 208 cm.


Elisany Silva The Youngest Tallest Woman in the World


Her resident is at Ajuruteua, a suburban area 36km from the central Bragança, Pará, in the northeastern Brazil. She was born from a father Jorge Luis Miranda, 41, a fisherman, and Ana Maria Cruz, 38, on September 27, 1995. She lives with 6 siblings and often she is playing at beach of Ajuruteua.


Elizane grew faster than anyone on her house since 11 years old. Her sudden grow caused physical pain in her arms, joints, and legs. Frequently, she suffers headaches and moody unreasonably, unwanted side effect of being the youngest woman in the world. Is it good idea if she applies WNBA or join modeling?


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