Most Shocking American Idol Eliminations

View the contestants of the American Idol that caused the most shocking eliminations in American Idol show history. These eliminations were so shocking to the American Audience as everyone through these American Idol contestants would go on to win or go further in the competition.

Pia Toscano was the front runner to win American Idol in 2011 and sings very beautiful. Everyone agreed that her voice is one of the best in the American Idol competition. Still Pia was voted off in 9th place on American Idol.

Jennifer Hudson went on to win an Oscar and have a successful career, however, her early elimination from American Idol was one of the most shocking on American Idol TV show on Fox.

Chris Daughtry went on to a huge music career, but it was still one of the most shocking American Idol eliminations in history when he was eliminated on American Idol.

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