Funny Royal Wedding Facts

Get Funny Royal Wedding Facts about the interesting and historic Royal Wedding. Fascinating, odd, and weird Royal Wedding Facts.

The most interesting news of the year us the Royal Wedding. It’s could end up being the most publicized wedding in the history of the world.

What’s funny is that it seems that Prince William doesn’t care. He is so used to being in the spotlight that he is taking this moment to enjoy the moment for him and his family and his love for the commoner, Kate Middleton.

Another funny fact is that Princess Kate, doesn’t want to even be called Princess Kate? She wants to be called Princess Catherine after her original name and name on her birth certificate. That must be tough to accomplish, try asking a billion people to call you something different. We think she’ll end up as Princess Kate as it’s shorter and has a better media ring to it.

How weird is the fact that Kanye West was invited to the Royal Wedding? Was JayZ invited too? We wouldn’t be surprised. We find it funny that President Obama wasn’t invited but Kanye West was invited, goes to show who the Royal Family may think is really cool in America.

It’s odd that there will be no meal at this wedding and just a whole ton of appetizers… Hey, we love appetizers, but people will either eat too little or too much when there is no official meal. Try eating a ton of appetizers as your dinner tonight, you may not know how much will actually replicate a real meal.

The town Buckleberry is weird and funny just saying it, try saying Buckleberry five times and see if you don’t give yourself a laugh and think it’s funny.

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