Interesting Facts on Bed Bugs

Find interesting facts on bed bugs such as what are some bed bugs symptoms, how to remove or kill bed bugs with a bed bug spray and more info and facts about bed bugs removal and protection. Bed bugs have recently gone rampant in the United States and have massive growth in numbers in recent years. In urban areas and cities such as New York, even major department stores such as Abercrombie and Fitch and Victoria’s Secret have had to close down due to bed bugs infestation.

See the below facts about Bed Bugs:

  • Bed Bugs can latch onto your clothing and travel with you to your workplace. When people find bed bugs in their office, it’s typically from a Bed Bug attaching to an article of clothing such as your pants and traveling with you to your office. Therefore, when Bed Bugs are found in the office, it’s pretty common
  • Common Bed Bugs Symptoms include a Bed Bugs Rash which looks like a bunch of small red bites around a certain area. Sometimes these bed bug bites can all the way up your arm or back, and create a bed bugs rash. Many people find this rash to be itchy and some dermatologists can confuse Bed Bugs Rashes with Excema or a skin irritation and allergy, therefore, it’s important to be informed of what this rash from Bed Bugs looks like so you don’t get a misdiagnosis and have to go back to bed with the Bed Bugs biting
  • Bed Bugs can be removed with a Bed Bugs Spray which you can find online. Be careful when trying to kill the bed bugs by putting the clothes in the washer and dryer as Bed Bugs will only be killed amongst high heat. It is possible that the washer and dryer might not kill the Bed Bugs, therefore, it’s better to higher a professional for your Bed Bugs Removal.
  • There are different types of Bed Bugs that you could find. Common Bed Bug found in houses is the Cimex lectularius Bed Bug. They live by feeding on their hosts such as animals or humans. It is a misunderstanding that Bed Bugs are only awake at night as Bed Bugs have been seen also during the day. However, they do most of their feeding at night. Other types of Bed Bugs include the Cimex hemipterus found it more tropical areas, the Leptocimex boueti which lives in Africa , and Cimex pilosellus & Cimex pipistrella which are found on Bats and Animals., and lastly the Haematosiphon inodora which lives on meat and it’s rare to find them in the United States
  • Checking for Bed Bugs should become a routine for you when you stay in a hotel. It takes ten seconds and can save you a lot of hassle. You should especially check when staying in hotels of over populated areas such as big cities including New York City. It’s easy to check for bed bugs simply by looking behind the mattress for blood stains or any marks, also lift up the mattress to look in between the mattress and box spring, you may also see some marks behind the bed board as this is typically where the Bed Bugs will be during the day.

Hope you enjoyed these interesting facts on Bed Bugs and received some good information on removing bed bugs, determining your bed bugs symptoms to ensure you get check, and finally killing and removing your bed bugs from your house so you can sleep better at night!

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  1. A subconscious response to the actual existence of most of these blood sucking organisms is the next manifestation. Those who are influenced with this particular indication can certainly go through sleep problems, despression symptoms, panic, and tension.

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