8 Best Casino movies ever made

Long holiday is coming and we will have loads of time to sit in-front TV and watch good movies all day. If you confuse to pick which DVD to rent, Here I give you 8 best  casino movies for your weekend/holiday

8.Oceans 11 (1960, 2001)

8movie 8 Best Casino movies ever made

Ocean 11

Ocean 11 (2001) was remade movie  with same title in 1960. Same as the 2001 version, Ocean (1960) was also featured with popular actors/actress such as Frank Sinatra, Dean martin, Sammy Davis, Peter Lawford and Angie Dickinson. it is good classic DVD to rent.

7.Casino (1995)

7 movie 8 Best Casino movies ever made


The movie is starring Robert DeNiro,Sharon stone, Joe Pesci and was directed byMartin Scorsese. The movie gave Golden Globe Award to Sharon stone. The story is about conflict of mobs and a handicap gambler.

6.Casino Royale (1967)

6 movie 8 Best Casino movies ever made

Casino Royale

Although the action scene is not as good as latest casino royale, it is guaranteed that the original version of casino royale has better dramatic scene than the newest one. You better check it out in IMDB to find the short review

5.Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas (1998)

5 movie 8 Best Casino movies ever made

Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

The movie was taken from a novel with same title from Hunter.S Thompson. The story is around a man who seek a fortune in Las Vegas with all the challenges and funny scenes.

4.National Lampoon’s Vegas Vacation (1997)

4 movie 8 Best Casino movies ever made

National Lampoon’s Vegas Vacation

The Movie is retelling the story of Griswold family and their Las Vegas vacation. The movie is featured with many funny scenes and I am sure you can laugh with your family when playing the movie

3.The Hangover (2009)

3 movie 8 Best Casino movies ever made

The Hangover

Another comedy story taken from Las Vegas The hangover. This movie features a story about bachelor party in Vegas that is ended in weird situations. Wake up with Tyson`s tiger, finding a 6 old baby in the closet, are several hilarious scenes you can find on the movie

2.Rounders (1998)

2 movie 8 Best Casino movies ever made


The movie is known as the best poker movie of all time and you can find good acting of Matt Damon,Edward Norton, John Turturro in this movie. The story is around a student who is really good at gambling but had to face many problems and survive.

1.21 (2008)

1 movie 8 Best Casino movies ever made


21 is movie about MIT student who can win my  poker game with counting the cards. His counting strategy  remains safe until someone from the casino “see” his tricks. I have watched this one and I recommend this movie for you

Have you ever watch one of the best casino movies above?

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