6 Interesting Ideas for Honeymoon

Honeymoon is a special moment. We always want to get romantic moments together during the honeymoon so that we can remember it forever. This is 6 most interesting ideas for honeymoon.

01. Dance lesson together.

most interesting idea 6 Interesting Ideas for Honeymoon

Dance lesson

Experience dancing lesson together could be great idea to spend your honeymoon. With dancing, you can explore the romantic feeling together. The dance movement will be a great way to express love in different language. I am sure you will get new funs together with this activity

02. Canal ride

most interesting idea 2 6 Interesting Ideas for Honeymoon

Canal ride

Sitting down together on a traditional boat is another great idea on a honeymoon. Exploring the canal will left eternal memories that will be always remembered. Venice is a good place to start. If you were already there, you can try Thailand of Macao.

03 Cocktails on the beach

most interesting idea 3 6 Interesting Ideas for Honeymoon

Cocktails on the beach

Afternoon sunset and cocktails could be match couple to glue the romantic emotions between you and your couple. The light, the menu, and the air will help you to find the new power of your romantic bond.

04. Snorkeling.

most interesting idea 4 6 Interesting Ideas for Honeymoon


The beauties of the deep ocean will imperfect the beauty of the romantic emotions when you are snorkeling together. The deep oceans are filled with loads color. There are loads of fun and happiness you can find deep down there with your couple.

05. Wine Tasting

most interesting idea 5 6 Interesting Ideas for Honeymoon

Wine tasting

Walking together on a Vineyard could be very romantic couple for the couples. The beautiful view and the nice taste of the wine could be a great combination to make your honeymoon memory everlasting.

06. Explore an ancient temple together

most interesting idea 6 6 Interesting Ideas for Honeymoon

Explore an ancient temple together

Ancient temple was mostly built with perfect design and symbols. Some of those symbol is representing the romance of the ancient time. This journey could fill your love with another story. Additionally, most ancient temple offers great view. You can take several photos together and use the temple as the background. That is a lovely idea.

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