Most Interesting Stocks

Find the most interesting stocks on the stock market for 2011. Find stocks to buy, stocks to sell, and the hottest stocks this year. View the best stocks to watch and the most undervalued stock and the top growth stocks to hopefully improve your financial position. Many of these NASDAQ and NYSE stocks are great for the long term as opposed to short term stocks. Find the most interesting stock day and trade these stocks to help your long term gains.

Hottest Tech Stock on NASDAQ:

AMZN or Amazon is one of the hottest tech stocks on the NASDAQ. This internet company has had growth of over 24% in the last year which is a great return. It doesn’t look like AMZN is slowing down anytime soon. The Kindle has dropped in price and is becoming the leader device for E-Book reading in the world. It’s also the top sold item on Amazon year after year. Also AMZN has introduced it’s first digital advertising department which is helping to monetize Amazon’s advertising and revenue per pageview on and it’s owned and operated websites, including or the Internet Movie Database which is one of the largest websites on the Internet. also owns for Digital Photography, and which is a similar website to Yahoo Answers. Amazon is now dabbling with the APP market offering the purchase of Apps on Amazon, which could ultimately become a great destination for cheap apps on your mobile device.

One of the most Undervalued Stocks is Yahoo or YHOO
Yahoo has a major position in Alibaba, the high growth international trade company for finding Manufacturers.

Best Energy Stock to Buy
Exxon Mobil (XOM) continues to dominate the energy market.

Stocks to Sell
In our opinion, it’s not too late to sell MZDAF or the Mazda Motor Corporation. The earthquake in Japan must of had a major impact on this Automotive company hurting their supply chain overseas. As Borders continues to crumble, and Blockbuster continues to drop due to the internet and success of Netflix, Barnes and Noble will need to pick up steam to compete with the likes of Amazon and other high growth internet companies.

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