Interesting Baby Facts

Find the most interesting baby facts including funny, weird, fascinating facts about babies. How do babies change our lives for the better? How do babies affect us as people and find more interesting baby information.

Before a baby is born, it’s a fact that if your an older women, it’s more likely that you’ll have twins or multiple births. So watch out as you may have triplets if your getting older. What a surprise that must be! Many believe that people can know what the gender is of a baby depending on what month the baby is born, that’s odd. Many people believe that the mom is the sole responsible person for the babies health but the babies health is also shared with the dad.

It’s an amazing fact that every three seconds, a new baby is born. The world is booming with new babies and almost every second of every day a new life is created and baby is brought into the world. Babies have more bones in their body than adults do because their bones will come together as one when they grow up. It’s weird and odd that in certain months of the year, such as May, children are on average heavier than babies born at different times during the year. A new infant’s head is 25% of their weight. When a baby is in the womb, it can hear sound so if you start playing classical music before the baby is born, they are more likely to enjoy it after they are born. Be weary as your baby should get tons of diaper rashes so be sure to use desitin on your baby to ease the rashes. Find more baby tips at Baby Tips online.

It’s a fact that babies are expensive and you will spend thousands of dollars on your baby to keep them healthy with medical bills, food, diapers, and one day have to put them through college so save up today! Did you know that there wasn’t any babies born in Antarctica until 1978? Did you know that babies cry before they are born and they can even see the outside light when they are in the womb? It’s a fact that Babies are drawn to certain days of the week, which is very weird. If you are having a pre-mature baby, you’re not alone as more babies are premature than not pre mature babies. Get ready for crying, especially in the even as your baby is most likely to cry at that time. View more baby care tips at baby care daily.

Take tons of pictures of your baby as they grow up so fast. A baby can quad druple in size in just one year of life… They sprout so fast so make sure to capture tons of baby photos of your newborn baby. Your baby will be sleeping for almost 75% of the day in their first couple weeks so snap some during those few precious hours when they are away.

Hope you enjoy these interesting baby facts and cool information on babies.

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