9 Interesting Facts about Halloween

Halloween is old and famous traditions. It also gives inspiration for new business ideas or a new fun. This is some most interesting fact about Halloween.

01.Other names of Halloween are:

 9 Interesting Facts about Halloween


Hallows Eve, Samhain. All Hallow tide, The feast of the dead and Day of the dead or El Dia de los Muertos in Spanish.

02.Halloween is not write this way. The correct spelling of Halloween is actually Hallowe’en

03. if Halloween is a person, he is 2000 years old this year.

04.Why we see a lot of peoples wearing mask in Halloween?

halloween mask 9 Interesting Facts about Halloween

halloween Mask

The function of the mask is to hide the face of living from the dead creature.Halloween came from Weish and Celtic traditions. This people believed that the dead always visit the living on October 31st

04.What is Jack O Lanterns?

Halloween jack o lantern 9 Interesting Facts about Halloween

Jack O lantern

It came from Ireland and people on this country hollowed turnips out and filled it with candles to keep evil and ghost away from their houses. They put Jack O lanterns in front of their house during Samhain Holiday

05. Trick or treat was started in 1930. Before this year, tradition of Halloween nights used to be “an ugly pranks traditions from adults”

halloween trick or treat 9 Interesting Facts about Halloween

trick or treat

06.Halloween is the best day of all pumpkin farmers

07. Black and White cats.

Black and white cats 9 Interesting Facts about Halloween

black and white cats

In US, Black cats are considered bad luck because they are believed as the rebirth of master dark powers subordinate.In UK, It is believed that symbol of bad luck is white cats

08. Spiders.
It is believed that if you see spiders in Halloween night that means a spirit of the love one is watching over you that time.

09.Halloween& business.

halloween business 9 Interesting Facts about Halloween

halloween business

-After Christmas, Halloween is the 2nd most profitable day for business.
- In average, 2 billions candy are sold during Halloween holiday. That is only is US.
- Only 24% American peoples who don’t decorate their homes with Halloween accessories to celebrate the Halloween.
-Halloween is one of the 3 biggest part day in US after New year holiday and Super bowl Sunday.
- According to research, Halloween costume sales reach $ gross in 2009. 38% for non adult Halloween costumes and 62% for adult oriented Halloween costumes

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