7 Biggest Food Fights in the world

For these country below,Food is also used to celebrate special anniversary. Instead of eaten, the food is thrown to other people. Wasteful ? yes sure.Luckily, it not happen everyday. Here`s 10 biggest food fight in the world. You can call it food party if you want it

1.Oranges Battle

1 7 Biggest Food Fights in the world

Battaglia delle Arance

The Battle of the Oranges or called Battaglia delle Arance is held every year in in the Italian city of Ivrea. The event started since 12th century to commemorate the victory of Ivrea’s townsfolk against an tyrannous autocrat

2. Candy Fight

2 7 Biggest Food Fights in the world

Batalla de Caramelos

Or also called the Batalla de Caramelos is celebrated every year on Fat Thursday. The celebration is held on a small Catalonian town. Before the candy fight begin, all people enjoy traditional quadragesimal meal with cod fish plus red pepper sauce and salad. After that, they go outside and throwing their sweet topping dessert to anything that moves. Once they run out of the “ sweet ammo” they use candy.

3.Tomato Fight

3 7 Biggest Food Fights in the world

La tomatina

Tomato Fight or also called La Tomatina is yearly party that is held on last Wednesday of August during the week of festivities of Buñol, in Valencian town of Buñol. Every year this event attract 40,000 participant. Tomato Fight or la tomatina is also held in Sutamarchan, (Colombia) and Reno, Nevada.in Reno, in 2009, Around 5,000 participants involved on La tomatina and 50,000 pounds of tomatoes were sacrificed for the fun

4. Grape Throwing festival

4 7 Biggest Food Fights in the world

La Raima Grape Throwing Festival

Grape fight, which also popular La Raima Grape Throwing Festival, is held in Pobla del Duc town, Spain, in the last Friday of August every year.Around 40 and 90 tons of , local grown grape, Garnacha Tintorera grapes used for the festival.

5. Custard Pie Championship

5 7 Biggest Food Fights in the world

Custard Pie Championship

Custard Pie Championship is held on Coxheath city, UK. The custard pie is edible and the best who can catch the pie that is thrown to them get a point. In last day of May in 2009, 251 children took part on Custard Pie Championship in Horsham, UK and the event applied to Guinness Book of Records

6 Food fight aficionados

6 7 Biggest Food Fights in the world

Food fight aficionados

Food fight aficionados is always available in annual Els Enfarinats festival in Ibi, Alicante, Spain. Food fight aficionados is using rotten tomatoes,flour, orange, anything that close to food

7. Wine Throwing Fight

7 7 Biggest Food Fights in the world

Batalla del Vino

our last biggest food fight is also called Batalla del Vino. It is held on Haro, La Rioja, Spain. The annual event began since 13th century. Haro town in La Rioja province is known for the abundant wine since 700 years ago and that what makes Batalla del Vino could be found in the city

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