Top 6 Unhealthy Diet Plans in the World

Millions of People in the world want to be slimmer and healthier. One of the most popular ways to be healthier is finding a suitable diet plan that is not difficult to follow but effective. From many effective and healthy diet plans, there are some of them that are strange and medically unhealthy. These are some of them. This is top 6 unhealthy diet plan in the world

1. Pasta-Chocolate Diet

1 pasta chocolate diet Top 6 Unhealthy Diet Plans in the World

Pasta Chocolate Diet

Same as the name, Pasta and Chocolate Diet means you can eat these 2 menus during the diet program and you are prohibited to eat alcohol, sugar, cokes, tea, coffee, nuts, all junk food, salt and red meat. 1 ounce of Chocolate can be ingested every night before sleeping and you are only allowed to east a dish of pasta for the dinner and lunch. Average diet program encourage involving red meats on the diet program and this diet plan change it with chocolate. It looks strange to me.

2. Chicken Soup Diet

2 chicken soup diet Top 6 Unhealthy Diet Plans in the World

Chicken Soup Diet

Chicken Soup diet has simple rule. You are only allowed to breakfast once in a day and you are allowed to eat chicken soup as much as you want. This diet program deletes fruits, nuts and meat on the list of diet menu and that is something wrong with the program. Some diet participants suffer malnutrition after following the diet plan after view weeks

3. Zen Diet plan

3zen diet  Top 6 Unhealthy Diet Plans in the World

Zen Diet

Zen Diet plan is allowing the participants to eat vegetables, fruits, fishes, view meat, but not red meat. Including meat in a daily diet plan is forbidden. The diet plan neglected the important of meat with all the functions such as protein supplier, bone builder, blood sugar stabilizer and many more.

4. Caveman Diet or Prehistoric Diet, Stone Age Diet and Paleolithic Diet

4 caveman diet  Top 6 Unhealthy Diet Plans in the World

Caveman Diet

The idea of Caveman diet is similar to Zen Diet plan. We back to the nature and follow the rule of nature. The program allows lean meat, fish meat, vegetables, fruits, roots plant, and nuts. The diet program excludes grains, dairy menus, refined sugar, cokes, and fat oils. In simple worlds, we are only allowed to eat food that can be haunted or crop from nature. In other words, anything that is packed and labeled is forbidden.

5. Twelve Day Grapefruit juice diet

5 grapefruit Top 6 Unhealthy Diet Plans in the World


12 day Grapefruit Juice Diet allows you to eat anything you want such as meat, Salad, butter, cheese, and fried food. The only thing to do to make the diet works is always including vegetables, 8 ounce grape fruit juices and 8 glasses of water within 12 days. The Diet result is not guaranteed but at least you won’t get malnutrition.

6.3 Days Hot dog diet
5 hot dog  Top 6 Unhealthy Diet Plans in the World
The diet plan regulates you to dine using cottage cheese, tuna, fruits, vegetables, ½ cup of vanilla ice cream and black coffee or tea (optional) for 3 nights. At the second night, you are advised to add 2 hotdogs. The diet plan is not constrain but the result is dubious

Other less popular diet plans that are also controversial are Magnetic Diet, Blood type diet (diet program base on a blood type), The Air diet (you can eat everything and thin as long you are breathing more frequently), and tape worm diet (you can eat anything you want and you have to consume tape worms diet pills afterwards, once you lose weight, you take another pills to kill the parasite on your body)

Have you ever done, one of unhealthy diet plan from the list above?

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