Top 5 Most Popular Italian Foods in the World

We can find various Italian foods in different countries and some people event addicted to it. We can find Pizza from United States to Australia. We can get Lasagna in Turkey or Japan and we can enjoy Spaghetti in Pretoria, South Africa or Jakarta, Indonesia. Most of Italian Foods are served with fresh ingredients and unique recipes. The secret formulas of delicious Italian foods were descended from generation to generation and it have evolved and adapted with international appetite. Italian foods have dominated the world and these 5 most popular Italian food we can find almost in every country.


1.Italian Lasagna Top 5 Most Popular Italian Foods in the World


Lasagna came from the ancient Greek civilization and the recipe spread in Italy during Greek colonization in 8th BC. Lasagna is an Old Italian recipe using pasta, cheese, sauce and various ingredients.


2.Italian Spaghetti Top 5 Most Popular Italian Foods in the World


Historically, Spaghetti was made of thinner and longer Pasta than what we know today. It came from Southern Italy in 12th Century. The menu started popular in the mid of 20th century. Most Spaghetti menu is served with Cheese, garlic, tomato, meat, and different sauces.


3.Italian Pizza Top 5 Most Popular Italian Foods in the World


Pizza or Pizza pie or pizzeria is the most popular Italian food that available almost in any country. Pizza has numerous varieties and Style such as California style Pizza, Chicago Style Pizza, Hawaiian Pizza, Mexican Pizza, Greek Pizza and many other more. Each pizza has different topping but most never forget to use tomato, mozzarella and Basil


4.Italian risotto Top 5 Most Popular Italian Foods in the World


Risotto is an indigenous Italian food consists of Rice as the main ingredient. Risotto is a creamy dish where the rice is cooked with meat, fish, or vegetable. The additional ingredient usually using parmesan Cheese, onion, and Butter


5.italian ravioli Top 5 Most Popular Italian Foods in the World


Ravioli or raviolo (singular) is known since the 14th century. Ravioli are type of filled pastas that are sealed between 2 layers of thin dried dough. Some ravioli served with beef or cheese and added with tomato, tomato-meat, or tomato-cheese sauce.

From 5 Popular Italian Foods above, which one do you like most ?

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