Top 10 Most Extreme Food Ingredients

Here are the list of top 10 most extreme food ingredients. For some people, food is fun. However for others, such as who was undergoing a strict diet – is a curse, but somehow the food needed for the rest of our lives. Most of us know what is eating, especially if we cooks by yourself at home. But how about the food out there? We do not know what ingredients have been mixed in the food. You have to give attention in learning some of the extreme food ingredients below.

1. Gold

Gold is a precious metal of the most beautiful in the world. Besides as the material well-loved woman’s jewelry, gold materials are also used in certain parts of the elements for electronics. But you if gold is also announcing a decorative material for foods and beverages with the code E Number E175. Gold is very popular as an additional ingredient in alcoholic drinks such as the traditional liqueur from Germany and Poland called Goldwasser (Goldwater), which contains thousands of tiny gold layer. Gold does not react in the body chemistry, thus the gold just passing by and had no effect on the body and has no nutritional value.

most extreme food ingredients gold 300x279 Top 10 Most Extreme Food Ingredients


2. Virus

In August 2006, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA = Food and Drug Administration) approved the use of bacteriophage-bacteriophage in the presentation of food (especially for theĀ  fast-food meat products). A bacteriophage is a virus that infects bacteria. The rationale of using these viruses in food because of its usefulness to eat every bacteria that cause food poisoning. Every year 2,500 people in the U.S. due to illness listeriosis – and as a result, millions of Americans now regularly eat foods that viruses added deliberately to stop the growth of bacteria that cause thousands of people have fallen ill. The FDA said that foods that included this virus does not require a label.

most extreme food ingredients virus 300x300 Top 10 Most Extreme Food Ingredients


3. Borax

Borax is material to extinguish a fire, insect repellent drugs, care for a horse hair, glass and mixed detergent materials, and various other products. In the United States was banned substances used as food mixers, but it is not the case in some other countries. Borax are often used as a preservative in caviar (fish eggs), and in some Asian countries can be found in the noodles, beef meatballs, and rice. Borax is coded E Number E285 has a serious poisoning effect on humans (especially on the testes).

most extreme food ingredients borax 300x224 Top 10 Most Extreme Food Ingredients


4. Liquid Asphalt

First, Amaranth flowers are used as food coloring (the specific red color), but scientific tests have found that this material can lead to cancer. Then, the proposed replacement material called Allura Red AC (numbered E Number E129). Allura Red AC is made of liquid asphalt (the fluid that is a byproduct of the distillation of coal into coal gas or coke). Flammable liquid asphalt and is often used in shampoos designed to kill head lice. This material is also used to make the Tylenol. Allura Red AC did not menyebankan cancer, but can cause nausea and other side effects. Nevertheless, this material has been approved by the FDA and is very commonly found in the confectionery and soft drinks.

most extreme food ingredients liquid asphalt 228x300 Top 10 Most Extreme Food Ingredients

Liquid Asphalt

5. Varnish

This material is usually used as an ingredient of wooden furniture lustres. This material is also called shellac (shellack) and used in the production of candy to give the impression of a sweet glow. Foods that are determined to use this material is from Delfi Chacha candy (chocolate candy colors) that the composition mentioned Cl.19140 Tartrazine Lake, Red Lake Cl.16035 Alura, Cl.15985 Yellow FCF Lake, Blue Diamond Lake Cl.42090. Also kind of natural lacquer is also produced by secretion in the female beetles in which material is used for making lacquers cocoon larvae.

most extreme food ingredients varnish 300x225 Top 10 Most Extreme Food Ingredients


6. Bedbugs

Color cochineal and carmine are two red dye for foods derived from bedbugs, exactly cochineal bugs (a type of lice that live in the U.S. family Dactylopiidae). Red food coloring substance produced by drying and pulverization of the whole body lice, while carmine color (dark red) is another form of cochineal powder. Bedbugs were usually killed by immersing them in boiling water – after a while soluble in water up to a certain level of red color – whether it’s like a young orange or red. 155 000 bedbug is needed to make 1 kg of the material. Cochineal has been used for hundreds of years and also used as a dye that is very popular.

most extreme food ingredients bedbugs 300x162 Top 10 Most Extreme Food Ingredients


7. Cigarette

Cigarettes are objects which are no longer foreigners and used nearly 1.2 million people in the world. Some people are suggesting that if you do not smoke, then just eat that cigarette. Well, the way is by dropping a cigarette or cigar into a bottle of vodka or brandy, and let the nicotine and tar than cigarettes are contaminating the drink with a reddish color and flavor and aroma of a typical cigarette. Mixed drinks are often called “tea nicotine”.

most extreme food ingredients smoke 300x204 Top 10 Most Extreme Food Ingredients


8. Beaver

You must have heard about the coffee badger, which is extracted from coffee beans badger feces (a type of mongoose) and expensive price. Such with materials are also following, namely anal beaver juice (castoreum), that is, a substance produced by glands located between the anus and beaver genitals. This material most commonly used as ingredients in the appetizer raspberry products – to strengthen the sweet taste. It is also found in chewing gum and cigarettes.

most extreme food ingredients beaver 272x300 Top 10 Most Extreme Food Ingredients


9. Human Hair

L-cysteine is a kind of amino acids that are commonly used in baked goods because it will increase the suppleness and softness of the dough. This material is also commonly used in hair curling events. Besides that, you can find it on the cake donuts, breads, pastries, and many more delicious foods. Cheapest way to get this material – and the most common source today – is by a special chemical process using a human hair is mostly sourced from China. Therefore, the use of L-cysteine is a debate whether the use of this material is the same as eating human flesh. In China this material is used in the production of soy ingredients: “When asked to officials from the soybean processing plant where the syrup or powdered amino acids was obtained, he replied that the powder produced by human hair.”

most extreme food ingredients human hair 263x300 Top 10 Most Extreme Food Ingredients

Human Hair

10.”Skatole” (Animal Waste)

A material commonly found in sewage called skatole. The word is rooted in the old Greek, the “skate” means dung. Which then decreased to the word “scatology” means the science of dirt. Skatole derived from mammals that is produced in the digestive tract, and the smell is like manure. This exciting material used in cigarettes, some perfume and cologne alias – most importantly for the purpose of this list, is ice cream with strawberry flavor. Like the beaver anal juice on top, someone has discovered that the taste of strawberry will increase after addition of this little animal feces.

After learning the most extreme food ingredients above, you have to more be careful in choosing the food that you want to eat for your life.

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