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Do you know who owns the biggest wine collection in the world? If the answer is No, I am here to give the answer for that question. This post is all about Milestii Mici, The largest city of wine in the world, located in laloveni district, Moldova. This district is divided into 2 villages, Milestii Mici and Piatra Alb?.

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Milestii Mici is a village that is populated by 4,500 people and it is located 18 km from Chisinau. The cool thing of the village is what lies 120km-150km beneath the dirt of the village.

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In 2007, this village is registered in the book of Guinness World’s as the owner of the largest wine cellar and wine collections. Around 2 million wine bottles from different varieties and generations are available here. Start from the collection of 1965, Pinot, Muscat, and, Negru de Purcari, Riesling to Codru, and Auriu.

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Milestii Mici Is not opened for tourist every day and for some who are lucky enough to trip down the library of Wines will have a chance to meet rich collections of wines where 70% of them are red, 20% are white and 10% of them are dessert.

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From the manuscript that was found by a priest of Saint Nikolai Church in this village, it has been discovered that Milestii Mici is inhabited by people since 30 March 1528. The little village has hold the world record as the biggest wine collector in the last 4 years and apparently there no one who dare to outmatch that record.


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