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Biggest Airline in the World

The largest and biggest airline in the world is the Airbus 380. It is an enormous Airplane, and it’s cost a billion dollars and millions of hours have been spent making this airplane. One of the most powerful and thrilling commercial airlines. The a380 is a massive airplane that is truly a bus on wheels [...]

Top Car Insurance Providers

Getting car insurance can be a tough thing to do, and getting the cheapest car insurance rates can be even tougher when there are so many different car insurance providers that offer inexpensive car insurance. This list is dedicated to providing you with a list of the best and top rated car insurance providers who [...]

Maybach Exelero:Most Expensive Car in the World

This car may not as fast as New Bugatti Veyron Super sport or SSC Ultimate Aero II but, it must be far pricier than 2 latest fastest cars in the world. Labeled at US$ 8,000,000 per unit, one car below is equal to 4 Bugatti Veyrons or around 8 Ferrari Enzos. This is Maybach Exelero, [...]

Top 3 Biggest Truck in the World

This time, I want to post top 3 biggest production truck in the world. Those trucks are not produced by Individual and functional. Mostly, they are employed in the mining areas and capable to carry tons of payloads and move it to specific location or processing plants. 3. Titan TEREX Titan TEREX is made by [...]

Top 10 Fastest Production Motorcycle in the world

Here`s top 10 fastest production motorcycle in the world. Most of the motorbikes are ready to buy and if you afford to buy it, make sure you already have insurance to cover any accident that might happen to you or to your bike No 10. Brand: Ducati 848 Specs Machine: 849 cc (51.8 cu in), [...]

Top 10 Most Interesting Street in the world

Here`s 10 most interesting street ever build above the world 10. The shortest street in the world -Ebenezer Place – Scotland The street is only 2.06m long and it is situated in front a door no 1 Bistro of Mackays Hotel. The street was constructed in 1883 and the hotel`s owner declared it as street [...]

Top 5 Most Expensive Motorcycles in the World

This planet inhabited by motorcycle users and fans that are ready to spend hundred of thousand dollar to get a special or limited edition Motorbike. Some of them even OK to spend $500.000 to get a motor bike that is not only fast but also one of a kind. This is list of Top 5 [...]

Top 10 Fastest Motorcycles in the World 2010

Riding motorcycle is one of the popular hobbies in the world. It will be more prestige if it’s riding the fastest motorcycle in the world. Basically fastest motorcycle is created for the adrenaline reason. It’s so exciting for some people to speed up their motorcycle and feel the wind blow fast against their body. But [...]

Top 10 Most Expensive Cars in the World 2010

Here’s a list of most expensive cars in the world 2010. As we know that car is a type of vehicle and a form as a transportation tool. Nowadays, there are many types or form of cars with variety of price certainly. I guess that you will be surprise when you looks and read this [...]

Top 5 Smallest Cars in the World

Here’s a list of the smallest cars in the world. A car is one of the transportation vehicle that there must be of four wheel. There are many types of cars. These small cars is designed in order to be used for a certain time before becoming junk cars. Here is the list of the [...]