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Interesting Lindsay Lohan Facts

Find the most interesting, weird, fascinating and odd facts about Lindsay Lohan, the socialite and actress who made it big in Hollywood and the movie industry only to party over the top and find herself in the court room, getting DUI’s or drunk under the influence, and many more altercations, car incidents, fights with her [...]

Artist with the Best Fashion Sense

View our list of the music artists with the best fashion sense. These artists are classy and always dress to impress. Whether it means starting their own line of clothing, they are trendy and were always watched in the fashion world. LL Cool J Eminem Mariah Carey Gwen Stefani Jimi Hendrix Fergie 50 Cent Prince [...]

Best Eye Candy

View our list of the top artists and celebrities that are the best eye candy meaning they turn tons of heads as soon as you walk by them. In real person or on camera these artists and celebs are great eye candy. Adam Levine Chester Bennington Chris Brown Fergie Haley Williams Jonas Brothers Jordin Sparks [...]

Interesting American Idol Facts

Find the most interesting American Idol Facts including fascinating, funny, weird, cool, and fun facts about the American Idol TV show on Fox. Get cool updates on America’s favorite show that’s watched by over 50 million people each week and see some funny facts about the show contestants, American Idol judges and more. It’s currently [...]

Celebs Most Likely to Overdose

View a list of the Celebs most likely to overdose on drugs. These celebs have had their stint with drugs in the past and make our list for the most likely celebrities to overdose. Mick Jagger is getting up their age and can’t handle the amount that he’s once had. Boy George Keith Richards Scott [...]

Artists most Likely to go to Jail

View these celebrity artists most likely to go to Jail, whether to spend a night in Jail or flat out get arrested for violating probation and actually go to jail. Britney Spears Jamie Hince Avril Levigne Amy Winehouse Boy George George Michael Tommy Lee Lindsay Lohan has the biggest chance of really going to jail. [...]

Artists most likely to get pregnant

View the top music artists that are the most likely to get pregnant this year. These artists are ready for their first, second, or third child so watch out in the news and tabloids for when they get pregnant. Christine Aguilerra could have another child to join her first baby. Miley Cyrus is very mature [...]

Facts about Queen Elizabeth II

Find the most interesting facts about Queen Elizabeth who is participate in the historic Royal Wedding. Fascinating, odd, and weird Facts on Queen Elizabeth II of England. Queen Elizabeth Alexandra Mary Windsor the second is the mother or mum of Prince Charles who married Princess Diana and is the Grand Mother of Prince William and [...]

Facts about Princess Diana

View the most interesting facts about Princess Diana, the famous Princess of Wales and mother to Prince William and Prince Harry whom she had with Prince Charles. Prince William will be getting married to Kate Middleton on Friday April 29th 2011 in a historic royal wedding for the century. It will be the most covered [...]

Facts about Kate Middleton

Find the most interesting facts about Kate Middleton from Bucklebury, England who is preparing for the Royal Wedding on April 29 2011 with Prince William. Get funny, odd, weird and fascinating facts and opinions about the future Prince Kate. Kate Middleton is a small town girl from Bucklebury, England and was a commoner until she [...]