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Interesting Healthcare Facts

Find the most interesting facts about the new health care bill getting passed through congress right now and being implemented by the United States government. Find the most fascinating and interesting information on the facts about the health care bill can effect you and your family. The supreme court has upheld this bill brought by [...]

Interesting Lindsay Lohan Facts

Find the most interesting, weird, fascinating and odd facts about Lindsay Lohan, the socialite and actress who made it big in Hollywood and the movie industry only to party over the top and find herself in the court room, getting DUI’s or drunk under the influence, and many more altercations, car incidents, fights with her [...]

Interesting Facts about the 2012 election

As we approach the back end of the 2011 year, the political world from the Republican and Democratic parties are posturing for their way and lobbying to improve their position in the 2012 election. Even President Obama is lobbying by pushing through new bills such as the American Jobs Act to help stimulate the economy [...]

Most Interesting Facts about Abraham Lincoln

Find the most interesting facts about the President of the United States, Abraham Lincoln. Some of the most odd, weird, cool, and exciting facts about the only president in the United States to have a beard. who lives on in the memorial in Washington DC and was known for his historic speech at Gettysburg called [...]

Most Interesting Women

Find the Most Interesting Women Facts, including People information, woman opinions, facts and resources. What makes a certain woman interesting? In our opinion, there are many factors that determine what separates one women from another. Each person would have an different point of view on what women is interesting to him or her based upon [...]

Interesting Facts on George Washington

Find Interesting Facts on George Washington, including People information, opinions, facts and resources. Find fascinating, fun, and weird information about the first president of the United States of America, George Washington. He was a very religious man and a member of the church. He started his working life as a farmer and became a soldier [...]

Artist with the Best Fashion Sense

View our list of the music artists with the best fashion sense. These artists are classy and always dress to impress. Whether it means starting their own line of clothing, they are trendy and were always watched in the fashion world. LL Cool J Eminem Mariah Carey Gwen Stefani Jimi Hendrix Fergie 50 Cent Prince [...]

Best Eye Candy

View our list of the top artists and celebrities that are the best eye candy meaning they turn tons of heads as soon as you walk by them. In real person or on camera these artists and celebs are great eye candy. Adam Levine Chester Bennington Chris Brown Fergie Haley Williams Jonas Brothers Jordin Sparks [...]

Interesting American Idol Facts

Find the most interesting American Idol Facts including fascinating, funny, weird, cool, and fun facts about the American Idol TV show on Fox. Get cool updates on America’s favorite show that’s watched by over 50 million people each week and see some funny facts about the show contestants, American Idol judges and more. It’s currently [...]

Celebs Most Likely to Overdose

View a list of the Celebs most likely to overdose on drugs. These celebs have had their stint with drugs in the past and make our list for the most likely celebrities to overdose. Mick Jagger is getting up their age and can’t handle the amount that he’s once had. Boy George Keith Richards Scott [...]