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Facts about Sea Shells

Find the most interesting facts about Sea Shells including the different types of seashells and places to find the best sea shell pictures on the web. A shell is a hard outer layer that an animal in the sea creates to protect itself and it actually becomes part of the sea life’s body. Millions of [...]

Most Interesting Volcanoes

Find the Most Interesting Volcanoes Facts, including Nature volcano information, active volcano opinions, volcanic eruption facts and resources about volcano magma, lava, and more. View our list of the most dangerous active volcanoes in the world. These volcanoes can be devastating to the environment, nature, and to the population of people who live nears these [...]

Top Beaches in California

View our list for the top beaches in California rated by their beauty, view, ocean, experience, people, and more!  From Northern California Beaches to the best beaches in Southern California, find the beach that is perfect for you in California.  California boasts some of the best beaches in the United States, perfectly located on the [...]

Highest Unclimbed Mountains in the World

You can make world`s record once you are recorded as the fist climber who reach the highest point of the mountains below. This is 2 highest unclimbed mountain in the world. The first one is Gingham Puensum . In term of Elevation, Gingham Puensum is the tallest mountain in the world that remains unexplored. The [...]

Most Amazing Planets and Stars in the Universe

Here`s Most Amazing Planets and Stars in the universe. Compare to some planet, Earth is bigger.Compare to “other planet” Earth is just a stone of sand in the Universe. Lets compare it Mercury Mercury is the innermost and smallest planet in the Solar System, the planet circling the Sun once every 87.969 Earth days. Size [...]

10 Most Polluted Cities on Earth

Pollution is never be a simple problem. Careless government and people contribute to every gram of pollutant that fly on the air or floating on their water resources.Next here`s 10 most polluted cities on earth 10. New Delhi-India In another part of city New Delhi, there are some areas where people dump their trash and [...]

7 Most Expensive and Rarest Gems in the world

Here`s list of 7 Most Expensive and Rarest Gems in the world . One of them is Diamonds ,but most of them could be names you did not hear yet 01. Jadeite Jadeite is a mineral inside the Earth that is much valuable and rarer than common diamonds or sapphires. Jadeite was found in Guatemala [...]

Top 5 coldest places in the World

Here’s a list of the coldest places in the world. As we know that the countries with cold weather is in west area, such as Swiss, London, and any other countries. Here’s a list of  places with known as the coldest places in the world. 5. Northice Station The coldest place in the western hemisphere [...]

Top 5 Most Dangerous Rivers in the World

Here’s a list of the most dangerous rivers in the world. A river is part of the hydrological cycle, and a natural watercourse, usually freshwater, flowing toward an ocean, a lake, a sea, or another river. Small rivers may also be called by several other names, including stream, creek, brook, rivulet, and rill. However there [...]

Top 7 Greatest Sources Hot Springs in the World

Here are the list of the greatest sources hot springs in the world. Hot springs produced or derived from the earth’s crust, located in various parts of the world. On every continent and even under the oceans and seas, there are hot springs all over the earth. Most of these springs are created from 20 [...]