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Best Guitar Riffs in Rock and Roll

View our list of the best guitar riffs in the rock and roll history. These guitar riffs have something special due their lead riffs and the way they have effected rock and roll music for centuries. These riffs are so special that millions of guitarists all of the world try to replicate these riffs in [...]

Best Guitarists of All Time

View our list of the Best Guitarists of All Time to grace the concert stage. These musicians were ahead of their time and played guitar like they were in another world. Their skills and talent for playing guitar put them in the top of the rock world hall of fame and leave them with their [...]

Best Rock Guitar Player of All Time

View our list of the best rock guitar player of all time. These rock guitarist have introduced a whole new world of unique riffs to the music community and created a signature sound that won’t ever be forgotten. This list was ranking guitarists who have truly introduced something new, unique, and special and will hold [...]

Best Female Rock Front Women

View our list of the best female rock front women of all time. These female rockers have led there way into rock stardom in a typical area that is held by rock frontmen like Mick Jagger and Bono and others. These Front Women have done a great job of leading their bands with their piecing [...]

Best Rock Male Frontman

View our list of the Best Male Rock Frontman to ever grace the concert stage. These front men have earned their devotion through countless nights on the road and playing in front of sold out arenas. They grace the best front man of all time list in rock music due to their ability to move [...]

10 Best Rocks Band Ever

View our list of the ten best rock bands ever. These rock bands have stood the test of time and rock their way into our list for the best rock bands ever due to their music, concert performances, concert revenue, amount of fans, and power as musicians and as a band. Feel free to add [...]

Coolest Rock Ringtones

View our list of the coolest rock ringtones. These rock songs make for a great ringtone on your cell phone or mobile phone. Be cool and download one of these ringtones to your mobile phone and watch how everyone responds when these ringtones play on your cell phone or mobile phone. This list was created [...]

Best Rock Concerts to See on Tour

View our list of the best rock concerts to see on tour. These concerts and were rated by there intense production and tons of fan reviews of the music concerts being the most powerful, fun, and exciting rock concerts to see on tour. List of the Best Rock Concert Artists Jonas Brothers Coldplay Miley Cyrus [...]

Best Rock MP3 Downloads

These artists have brought the brought MP3 Downloads to the internet and your ipod. View our list of the top artists and best rock mp3 downloads you can get on your mobile listening device such as your ipad, iphone, or ipod. These mp3 music downloads were rated by our team for bringing the most energy [...]

Greatest Rockstar of All Time

View the greatest rockstar of all time for their talent, performance ability, showmanship, and ability to rule the rock stage and last in our minds forever as the best rockstar. Theses rock stars were able to be the front man of a great band or played their rockin’ instrument better than all others. Trent Reznor [...]