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Best Beginner Electric Guitars

Find the best beginner electric guitars to start your jamming in the electric world and playing with bands in an electric setting. Transitioning from the Acoustic guitar to the electric is a big jump and an important one when deciding which beginner guitar to buy at the guitar store. First of all, acoustic guitars are [...]

Top Rated Drum Kits

View our list of the Top Rated Drum Kits all the way from beginner drum kits to expert drum kits. These drum kits will make you stand out in the band and turn you into a rock drummer over night! Roland TD20S V-Pro Series Electronic Drum Kit Slingerland Classic V Classic Wrap Drum Kit Tama [...]

Most Interesting Instruments

Find the Most Interesting Instruments Facts, including Music information, Gear facts, opinions and resources. View our list of these cool and interesting musical instruments that are weird, rare, and funky to play. If you see one of these amazing and unique music instruments, let us know and we’ll ad them our list of interesting cool [...]

Best Acoustic Guitar Brands

When it comes to acoustic guitars, you want to get a classic sound of your acoustic instrument that will not fade in many years down the road. These Acoustic guitar brands do just that and will your guitar may actually increase in value the older the guitar actually gets. So if your want to buy [...]

Best Guitar Brands

View our list of the best guitar brands on the planet. If your going to buy a guitar or already own one, try one of these awesome guitar brands for your next guitar and you’ll be so impressed by these guitar brands quality instruments and guitars. They make long last guitars that get better with [...]