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Interesting Facts on Bed Bugs

Find interesting facts on bed bugs such as what are some bed bugs symptoms, how to remove or kill bed bugs with a bed bug spray and more info and facts about bed bugs removal and protection. Bed bugs have recently gone rampant in the United States and have massive growth in numbers in recent [...]

Latest Smallest Man in the World

Humans never want to be born too small or too tall but, god has more authorization to disappoint them. Fortunately, our modern world is stranger than old time and a person with identical differences has a chance to be listed on the book of Guinness and enjoy instant popularity. Guinness book knows many things include [...]

The Strongest Girl in the World

This post will discuss an interesting info about the strongest girl in the world. If you curious to find out who is the strongest girl in our planet, you will get the answer here. First thing to remember, the girl is not as big as big Hulk Hogan or muscular as Mike Tyson. She is [...]

Fastest 1 million Twitter Follower in the world

This post will inform you the celebrity who has a million twitter followers faster than any celebrities or person in the world. Around a week ago, Guinness book officially renew their entry with a new record that was made by Charlie Sheen, fastest 1 million twitter followers. Out of his downside life as drug user [...]

Top 5 Richest men`s Tennis Players in the World

Today, I found an interesting information about top 5 Richest men`s tennis player in the world in 2010-2011. Mostly, they make money from the Sponsors that they endorse. Here`s the detail: No. 1 Roger Federer Net Worth: $43 million Sponsors to endorse: Nike, Credit Suisse, and Gillette Roger Federer was winning a $56.900.000 prize money [...]

The Oldest Baby in the World-26 years old Baby

Have you ever seen a 26 years old baby around your city? If you never find one, I introduce you Jerly Lyngdoh, The oldest baby in the world, a son of a farmer family in Meghalaya, Northern India. His body size is only 2 feet 9 inch or 84 cm high and his head is [...]

Top 5 Richest Presidents and Head of States in the World

If you already know who is the richest man in 2010, perhaps you also want to know who is the richest presidents or head states in the world in the last 2 years. Here I have the little information about them. I title this post 5 Richest President and head of states in the World [...]

Top 7 Most Popular Clashes on the ocean

Here`s 7 most popular wars on sea or accident on the ocean.I title this post, top 7 most popular clashes on the ocean. 1. Freedom Flotilla vs. Israeli Defense Forces A Clash between freedom flotilla ship and Israeli defense forces was one of the most popular news in 2010. On that time, From Istanbul, Freedom [...]

World`s Biggest Bank Notes in History

This is 8 biggest bank notes in the history of the world. All those bank notes represent the bad impact of hyperinflation. When the paper money introduced to public, it is expected that those bills will save the economy from collapse. Sadly, those huge bank notes never be a good option to sustain the economy. [...]

5 Weirdest Wars in the world

These 5 wars are unique and never happened in any country . Here`s 5 weirdest wars in the world ever 5. Quickest War in the world: The Anglo-Zanzibar War-40 minutes long On 27 August 1896, a war between the United Kingdom and Zanzibar happened and the conflict only lasted 40 minutes after British ultimatum.The reason [...]