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Fun Facts about Halloween

Find the most interesting, cool weird, and fun facts for the Halloween holiday. Learn about the history and tradition behind the Halloween day including the Halloween origin and the history of the halloween holiday. The halloween story is a classic story and the most important fact about Halloween is the celebration that takes place, and [...]

Most Interesting Halloween Costumes

Find some of the most interesting, weird, odd, funny, and fascinating Halloween Costumes this year. If you are looking to dress up for Halloween in a great Halloween costume or you are buying a Halloween Costume for your kids, check out these interesting and cool costumes for this year’s Halloween and you will impress everyone [...]

Best Songs for Halloween

View our list of the best songs and music to play on Halloween! These songs will scare and freighten all the trick or treat kids or yourself and your friends as they are so perfect to play on Halloween. Angie Baby by Helen Reddy Attack of the 50 Ft. Woman by The Tubes Black Magic [...]

Most Interesting Facts for Halloween

Find some of the most interesting, weird, fascinating, odd, and fun facts for the Halloween Holiday! Halloween is one of the coolest and scariest holidays of the year and comes on October 31rst each year. Halloween is the holiday that consumes the most candy over any other Holiday in the year. People spend billions of [...]

9 Interesting Facts about Halloween

Halloween is old and famous traditions. It also gives inspiration for new business ideas or a new fun. This is some most interesting fact about Halloween. 01.Other names of Halloween are: Hallows Eve, Samhain. All Hallow tide, The feast of the dead and Day of the dead or El Dia de los Muertos in Spanish. [...]