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Win a Free Year of Auto Insurance

With the economy not what it once was, people are looking for ways to save a dollar. So when we heard about the free contest to win a free year of car insurance, we were excited to tell our users about the fun way where you can enter to win Free Auto Insurance for a [...]

Amazing Hill with The Most Crosses in the World

The amazing Hill with the most Cross in the world is called “Kryžiu kalnas”. It is located at the north of Šiauliai city at North Lithuania. The first man who put the first cross is unknown and Lithuanian believe that the first cross on the cross hill was set during the Lithuanian-Pole rebellion in 1831. [...]

7 Biggest Food Fights in the world

For these country below,Food is also used to celebrate special anniversary. Instead of eaten, the food is thrown to other people. Wasteful ? yes sure.Luckily, it not happen everyday. Here`s 10 biggest food fight in the world. You can call it food party if you want it 1.Oranges Battle The Battle of the Oranges or [...]

9 Interesting Facts about Halloween

Halloween is old and famous traditions. It also gives inspiration for new business ideas or a new fun. This is some most interesting fact about Halloween. 01.Other names of Halloween are: Hallows Eve, Samhain. All Hallow tide, The feast of the dead and Day of the dead or El Dia de los Muertos in Spanish. [...]

Top 10 Most Dangerous Traditions Around the World in Modern Era

Tradition (Latin: traditio) in the simplest sense is something that has been done for a long time and become part of the lives of a group of people, usually from a country, culture, time, or the same religion. The most fundamental thing of tradition is the information transmitted from generation to generation, both written and [...]