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Interesting Facts on Bed Bugs

Find interesting facts on bed bugs such as what are some bed bugs symptoms, how to remove or kill bed bugs with a bed bug spray and more info and facts about bed bugs removal and protection. Bed bugs have recently gone rampant in the United States and have massive growth in numbers in recent [...]

Top 10 Most Beautiful Palaces in the World

When Royals were born to earth, they had privileges to create little heavens in the world and claimed it as their resident. With decent lump of money from the people they built their vision of heaven came true and now we can see some of their imagination of heaven on this post. Here 10 Most [...]

Top 7 Coolest Sport Stadiums in The world

A cool sport stadium or soccer stadium can be a magnet for international tourists and it can be a great investment to add more revenue for a country.Here`s 7 coolest sport stadiums in the world.  Some of them already have  historical moments of world cup and Olympiad. I guess most of you have already seen [...]

Biggest and Most Expensive Google`s Building in New York

This building is located at 111 Eighth Avenue and it is now the latest building that Google bought in 2010. Now, 111 Eighth Avenue is a huge Google building that located near on top of Hudson Street/Ninth Avenue fiber highway. It is perfect building for Google company because it is located directly above the fiber [...]

7 Most Amazing Castles in the world

A Castle used to be a fortress to keep the royalty from the touch of enemies and traitors. Back to the modern age, Castle is a place for tourists to get a nice back ground for their photos or to keep some historical objects that are priceless and symbolic. Next, here`s 7 most amazing castles [...]

10 Safest places in the world

Here`s the list of safest places/fortress in the world. If you are millionaire with billions of dollars asset, I think you could have access to rent some spaces in this area. Of course, you need to pay more money than what you pay to rent a safety box in a bank. 1. London Tower Inside [...]

10 Most Unusual Hotels in the World

These hotels below are more than any conventional hotel that you have already seen in a city or brochures. In this hotel, you can get the adventure itself without you have to leave the room. This is 10 most unusual hotels in the world The Giraffe Manor Nairobi, Kenya The Giraffe Manor is a unique [...]

10 Biggest Libraries in The World

Book is the window of a knowledge and a library is one of the best place to read it. With books, we know new things and we can crack mysteries. In our planet, we can find some of the finest place to find and read books. This is 10 of them . This is the [...]

Top 10 Most Beautiful Swimming Pools in the World

Swimming has many advantages. This sport is losing our stress, lowers our body temperature, makes us relax, and in a swimming pool, we can find loads of fun as well. Almost all hotels in the world has a best swimming pool facility and some of them is listed here. This is top 10 most beautiful [...]

Top 5 Greatest Banks in the World

Here’s a list of the greatest banks in the world. A bank  is a financial institution. There are many things that offers in the bank, as one of that’s insurance. It covers minimum repayments against the loan or overdraft for a finite period. In all types of insurance some claims are accepted and some are [...]