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Interesting Dog Names

Find a list of the most interesting dog names for your new puppy dog. Find great dog names for male dogs, female dogs, and tons of different dog breeds. These are the best and cutest names for your new dog. Enjoy this list of puppy names to help you when naming your mutt or doggy. [...]

Most Interesting Dog Breeds

Find the Most Interesting Dog Breeds Facts, including Animals information, Dog facts, opinions and resources. There are many facts that make one dog breed more interesting than others. Many of these dog breeds have different qualities based upon where the dogs came from and what are the inherent factors about these dogs that make them [...]

Top 10 Most Intelligent Dog Breeds in the World

View our list of the Top 10 Most Intelligent Dog Breeds in the World. Find different breeds of dogs and learn more about their characteristics that makes one breed smarter that other dog breeds. Dogs are loving animals and they come from different places in the world and all have their inherent qualities, thus making [...]

10 Most Dangerous Dogs in the World

Not every dog is best man best friend. Some types of dogs are dangerous to human and can harm them. This is 10 most dangerous dogs in the world. 10. Dalmatians. Dalmatian dog came from Yugoslavia and their standard weight is around 40-70 pounds. This dog is protective and can very aggressive and dangerous to [...]