Most Interesting Jobs in America

View our list of the Most Interesting Jobs in America, these jobs are great jobs if you live in the United States. If your planning work in America because you live here and your planning to get into a new career or your training in a University or education program to move to America and work for US company on an HB1 work visa, then these America jobs would be great ones to go after. Not only do these jobs pay well, but you also have good room growth in your job salary.

  • Psychologist
  • Physician Assistant – Get involved in healthcare and practice medicine as a physician assistant, a growing and increasingly popular job in America today.
  • Pharmacist – Understand medicine and drugs.
  • Management Consultant – As a consultant, your looked at to answer tough management and restructuring questions as the expert. Help your clients get the right management and structure to succeed in a fast pace business world
  • Real estate appraiser – Get into Real Estate in a great new way by appraising homes and determine home values. This is a great knowledge to have as you decide to get into the real estate market for yourself
  • Physical Therapist – Help people through their injuries with Physical Therapy
  • Computer Analyst – Leverage your knowledge of Computer systems to help analyze computers and use IT to help improve the operations at companies in America.
  • Environmental Engineer – Improve the Environment in this interesting job that puts you at the forefront of Nature each and every day
  • Civil Engineer – Get into design and construction of buildings in America working with Architecture and the like in Civil Engineering
  • Market research analyst – Learn the market trends and use various research tools to learn more about competitors. This is a very important role within a company to ensure the product strategy is in line with the market
  • Software Engineer – If you love developing new products and creating cutting edge computer software, this can be an interesting job for you.
  • Database Administrator – As a database admin, you can be responsible for tons of company data and manage the flow of data, organization, and maintenance of data through out the company
  • Human resources manager – As an HR manager, you put yourself in the position to hire people. It feels great having a job where you’re responsible for the hiring
  • Sales Director – As a sales director, you can make a lot of money in Sales commission if your good at selling the company’s products. You’ll need good internal and external management skills and have the ability to manage up, as well as be responsible for the sales numbers of the members on your team
  • Certified Public Accountant – CPA – There are great benefits to being an accountant, especially come tax season as you will receive a spike in pay around tax time.
  • Financial Advisor – Manage financial portfolios through the ins and outs of the finance industry
  • College Professor – A good job with good benefits, it’s great to pursue a career teaching others something that you’re interested and passionate about
  • Biomedical Engineer – as an bio medical engineer, you can apply your skills in the medical field. This is a very rewarding field as you can improve the health of individuals and feel as though you a really making a difference in America through the improvement of Medical technology to improve health care.

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