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Find the Most Interesting Interview questions Facts, including Career information, opinions, job interview facts and jobs resources. These interview questions could mean whether you get the job or get rejected for the job for someone else. Therefore, you should always proceed with caution when answering these interesting questions in an interview.

In our opinion the most interesting interview questions for a new job surround questions that are meant to find “dirt” on the the job applicant. There are questions that we wouldn’t necessarily call trick questions but they are there to find more details about what could go wrong from hiring you for the job.

The most interesting interview question would go something as follows:

“Can you tell us an example where you received negative feedback in your previous jobs?”

“Can you discuss an example of something you did wrong in your previous role?”

“Is there something that you could of done better in your last job?”

There many different ways that an interviewer can ask the same question. These questions in an interview are all very similar and must be answered with caution. If you do have some issues in your past jobs, you want to be careful to bring up some of your major “slip ups” in the past. While you don’t want to sound like the perfect job applicant who hasn’t ever had any faults, you also don’t want to bring up something over the top such as the time you may have had too many drinks at the company Christmas party, or the time where you had to tell you boss that they didn’t know what they were talking about. These answers definitely make the list of “what not to say in a job interview.”

You want to answer this question in a serious way, but also do your best to keep putting yourself in a positive light and not give the interviewer anything or any reason to feel you’ve done a bad job in the past. A good way to answer this question would be how you always work hard and strive to be the best, sometimes you could be hard on yourself as you always try to shoot for the stars. You could discuss how that’s your way of striving for perfection in a task or always making sure a task is successful. While this is broad, sometimes there is no easy answer to an interview questions and at least this shows that you are a hard worker and always do your best.

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