Top 7 Coolest Sport Stadiums in The world

A cool sport stadium or soccer stadium can be a magnet for international tourists and it can be a great investment to add more revenue for a country.Here`s 7 coolest sport stadiums in the world.  Some of them already have  historical moments of world cup and Olympiad. I guess most of you have already seen them on TV

1. World Games Stadium – Taiwan

Stadium 1 World Games Stadium Top 7 Coolest Sport Stadiums in The world

World Games Stadium- Taiwan

World Games Stadium of Taiwan has double function, thanks to 14,155 square meter solar panel that is installed on the roof.  This huge solar panel supplies independent energy from the sun and it can used to light the whole area of stadium from the sun set till dawn.if the stadium is not used for a competition, the solar energy can be distributed to power 80% of the neighborhood around the stadium.Each year, this stadium gives 1.4 gigawatt hours of electricity in average.

2. Allianz Arena – Germany

Stadium 2 Allianz Arena Top 7 Coolest Sport Stadiums in The world

Allianz Arena-Germany

Allianz Arena is addressed at north of Munich, Germany and it is home base of Bayern Munich football team and TSV 1860 München.  It is capable to serve 69,901 spectators and the magnificent thing is the exterior is completed with special panels that can change color. The panel lit red when Bayern Munich compete, blue when 1860 Munich play and white when German National team play versus other national team

3. Estadio Municipal de Aveiro – Portugal

Stadium 3 Estadio Municipal de Aveiro Top 7 Coolest Sport Stadiums in The world

Estadio Municipal de Aveiro-Portugal

This stadium is located at Aveiro, Portugal and it was built to welcome UEFA Euro 2004. It was architected by Tomás Taveira. What makes the stadium special, each seat is painted with different color Red, green, yellow, blue, white, and black. The seats always look  fill with spectators although it is actually empty. The colors do make change

4. Marina Bay Floating Stadium – Singapore

Stadium 5 Marina Bay Floating Stadium – Singapore Top 7 Coolest Sport Stadiums in The world

Marina Bay Floating Stadium – Singapore

Marina Bay Floating Stadium of Singapore is recorded as the biggest floating stage in the world and it is also named Float at Marina Bay. The platform itself is 120 meters long and 83 meters wide. Technically, it is 5% bigger than national soccer field.

It can hold 1,070 tonnes of weight or 9,000 people or more and The non floating gallery is completed with 30,000 seat capacity

5.. Gospin Dolac – Croatia

Stadium 4 Gospin Dolac – Croatia Top 7 Coolest Sport Stadiums in The world

Gospin Dolac–Croatia

Golpin Dolac is located in Imotski, Croatia and it is used as a home of NK Imotski football club. The unique thing about it, this stadium neighbors a 500m deep lake and It houses 4,000 seats

6. Fujieda City Stadium – Japan

Stadium 6. Fujieda City Stadium – Japan Top 7 Coolest Sport Stadiums in The world

Fujieda City Stadium – Japan

The Fujieda City Stadium has maximum capacity 13,000 spectators but unfortunately not all of them served with plastic seats. There is two terraces with grass build inside the stadium to serve those football fans who late to get the chair

7. Recep Tayyip Erdo?an Stadium – Turkey

Stadium 7 Top 7 Coolest Sport Stadiums in The world

Recep Tayyip Erdogan Stadium – Turkey

Recep Tayyip Erdo?an Stadium neighbors little part of Istanbul city. The stadium covers 13,500 visitor but only half of that number can get a chair. Half space of the stadium is open to Istanbul houses. Some people on that city can see live soccer play on this cool stadium from their own bedroom using a small telescope

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