Top 5 Most Unique Public Toilets in the World

Here’s a list of the top 5 most unique public toilets in the world. As we knows that a public toilet is a part of a bathroom. Besides at home, there must be a public toilets in every places, such as in the busway stations, department store, hotels, etc. We can also find the public toilets on some public transport vehicles, for use by passengers. Here are the list of the most unique public toilets that ever in the world.

5. Hundertwasser Public Toilets, New Zealand

You may will never see the other public toilets like the colorful. The Hundertwasser Public Toilets in New Zealand gather enough people just because it was amazing manicured.
Built in 1997 by architect Hundertwasser Freidensreich. It seems a strange temple with mosaic, curved columns, wall tiles with colored bottle that looks like colored windows, and work. The building is also environmentally friendly, equipped with live trees in the design and reclamation of brick and thatch grass.

most unique public toilets in the world hundertwasser Top 5 Most Unique Public Toilets in the World


4. Urilift Pop-up Toilets, Europe

The Urilift Pop-up toilets is in Cambridge Circus, the Rembrandtplein, and each Shaftesbury Square. This cylindrical stainless urinals European solution for the “indiscriminate” male toilet habits. These containers, unlike the lower, open urinals past, it’s easier to aim. Floor of the urinal cylinder also has a drainage unit in case you are not well coordinated as the average visitor.

most unique public toilets in the world urilift pop up Top 5 Most Unique Public Toilets in the World

Urilift Pop-up

3. Charmin Restroom, Times Square, New York

New York is famous damp, public toilets subway depressed. However, somewhere in Times Square, you will find Charmin toilet during a certain period this year.
Design of public toilets was also anticipated by most of New York’s Times Square that often.
On the second floor of the log cabin, one can lounge on Duracell charging station, or let your kids play in the lounge Wii. There are also Charmin Tree House where kids can learn “Charmin Potty Dance” from the video that was shown from seventeen flat-screen TV.

most unique public toilets in the world charmin restroom Top 5 Most Unique Public Toilets in the World

Charmin Restroom

2. JC Decaux Public Toilets, Paris

Paris is not just love that city’s most fashionable cities in the world. This is the reason why not going to do for Paris to have the space, comfort innocent public pressure. This is also the reason why the celebrated designer Patrick Jouin was invited to design an entirely new generation of public “sanisettes”.
New public toilets is designed spacious interior includes easily accessible by wheelchair. These palettes are also easy on the eyes, with soft gray and green.
There are also mounted dome of the sky so that natural light, and just outside the bathroom is a fountain made from sturdy shell. It was strong enough to withstand accidental bumps of motorcycles and scooters parked.

most unique public toilets in the world JC dacaux Top 5 Most Unique Public Toilets in the World

JC Dacaux

1. Daimaru Department Store, Tokyo

Certainly, Tokyo will not be left on the list if we’re talking about style toilet. The most striking, of course, built for the Daimaru Department Store. Every toilet in this area 13-floor shopping is “coordinated” so that it can match the outer atmosphere. What makes a unique public toilets, though, is that they-style bidet. Department Store is located in Gran Tokyo North Tower from Tokyo Station. Even if you do not really plan to go shopping, you can still go to here just to satisfy your curiosity.

most unique public toilets in the world damairu department store Top 5 Most Unique Public Toilets in the World

Damairu Department Store

From the list of the most unique public toilets above, do you interested to visit one of these just to satisfy your curiosity?

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