Most Famous Artists and Painters of All Time

View our list of the most famous artists and most famous painters of all time. These artists are famous for their paintings and their unique style that has left a major impression on the art world and modern artists. These artists paintings are not only expensive, but they are priceless. Their unique paintings whether in oil, watercolor, portraits, landscapes, have enough special features and qualities that you can even determine the differences in their paintings to this day when there have millions of other painters and artists to grace the art community.

Vincent Van Gogh – Famous Painter
Vincent Van Gogh is one of the famous artists to ever live. If you visit the Van Gogh museum in Amsterdam, you will be amazed at the beauty of the artwork by Van Gogh. Van Gogh was very talented and famous but became a more famous painter after he passed away at the age of 37 from a suicide. Van Gogh suffered from anxiety and a mental disease and struggled as many famous and unique special people do. His Dutch post impressionist paintings have paint that seems to come off the painting. What makes Van Gogh unique is that the paint is so thick you can can almost feel the paint without even touching the painting and the further you stand away from the painting the more clear the artwork becomes. The thick paint is a unique quality of this famous artists and painter.

VanGogh Most Famous Artists and Painters of All Time

Sunflowers by Vincent Van Gogh © Copyright 2011

Claude Monet – Famous Artist
Claude Monet was a French impressionist painting and you painted with such beauty and consistency. Claude Monet is famous for many of his beautiful landscapes of the ocean, nature, and more scenery paintings. If you see a breathtaking painting in the museum of a landscape or scenery, there is a good chance the painting was that of Claude Monet.

Monet Most Famous Artists and Painters of All Time

Claude Monet Painting © Copyright 2011

Édouard Manet – Famous Painter
Manet was also a French famous painter and impressionist painter who helped forge the transition from realism to impressionism. His artwork featured objects and modern subjects in daily life. He is known for the inception of the modern art as some of his paintings had great controversy as they were so forward thinking and ahead of their time and Manet inspired many modern artists across the globe making him truly a famous painter of all time.

Manet Most Famous Artists and Painters of All Time

Édouard Manet Painting © Copyright 2011

Pablo Picasso
Pablo Picasso is quite possibly the most famous painter of all time, and the most well known. Picasso was a spanish painter and there is a Picasso museum that you can still visit to this day in Spain with many of Picasso’s famous paintings and artwork. He is easily one of the most famous art figures of the 20th century and amassed a huge wealth in his lifetime through his paintings and sculptures. His out of the box thinking and unique paintings compartmentalized objects, people, scenes, and more to provide a realistic and modern new ideas to painting that had never been seen before.

PabloPicasso Most Famous Artists and Painters of All Time

Pablo Picasso Painting © Copyright 2011

Pierre Auguste Renoir
Renoir was a french painter who led the impressionist movement in art. Renoir is famous for his view and take on modern beauty, especially that of the beautiful women as Renoir evoked sensuality and emotion into his portraits of women and people.

Pierre Auguste Renoir Most Famous Artists and Painters of All Time

Pierre Auguste Renoir Painting © Copyright 2011

These paintings and images were taken courtesy of the Philadelphia Art Museum in Philadelphia, PA.

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