2010 Best Christmas Movies

Soon, we will meet new Christmas. If outside is full of snow, it is still a great idea to prepare some Christmas DVDs under the TV.Next, I propose you 10 best Christmas Movie for this year.

1. The Nutcracker 3D

Nutcracker poster 2010 Best Christmas Movies


Nutcracker 3D presenting a musical movie starring Nathan Lane, Elle Fanning, and John Turturro.The movie was already released in November 24th this year. The story is not too different compare to original Nutcracker but it still has its own scene that is not available on the non 3D Version. I bet you and your son will like it.

2. Disney’s A Christmas Carol

Jim carrey 2010 Best Christmas Movies

Disney's A Christmas Carol

Disney’s A Christmas Carol is starring Jim Carrey in 3D animation.The DVD and Blu-Ray version were already released since November 16th. The movie was directed by Robert Zemeckis, who also directed the Polar Express, and the story is about a niggard and the ghosts of Christmas in Past, the Present and next Future that are all played by Jim carrey himself. The animation is very high definition and I am sure your eye will love it. The whole scene is pretty dark so I hope your kid ready for it.

3. Charles Dicken’s A Christmas Carol

George CScott 2010 Best Christmas Movies

Charles Dicken's A Christmas Carol

This is another Christmas Carol story for this Christmas. It is starring George C. Scott and the story was taken from Dickens’ original story by Clive Donner. The Blu-Ray DVD was released in November 2010. if you want to find great act of George S. Scott as Scrooge of Christmas, you better get this DVD

4. Mr Magoo’s Christmas Carol

Magoo 2010 Best Christmas Movies

Mr Magoo's Christmas Carol

On November 16th, 2010, A new DVD boxed titled Mr Magoo’s Christmas Carol released to public. The DVD features 52 minutes of Mr Magoo show and his hilarious action. The price is only $14.99.This DVD is save for all family member. It is definitely a must have DVD collection.

5.White Christmas on Blu-Ray

4050052 f260 2010 Best Christmas Movies

White Christmas on Blu-Ray

White Christmas is starring Danny Kaye and Rosemary Clooney. If you already have and collected a White Christmas DVD version, you wont find any different story on this Blu-ray version. White Christmas on Blu-Ray is simply the same White Christmas story that is re-released in Blu-Ray. I am very sure the picture is better than the DVD version
The Blu-ray was already released since November and you can get it now on your favorite store or amazon.

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