Top 8 Richest Pets in the World

You deserve to be envy once you read the post. This is the list of 8 richest pet in the world. The last pet on the list has £3.6 million on their bank account. It is more than any yearly average income of people who stay on the planet. Moreover, I bet the pet never work hard to get the money and has no plan to spend it. The data of 8 richest pets in the world is coming from 2009 Petplan`s Pet Rich List.
1. Gunther IV the dog

1.gunther iv dog Top 8 Richest Pets in the World

Gunther IV

According to Petplan, Gunther IV, The Alsatian dog breed, has net worth £224.000.000. The money was indirectly passed from Countess Karlotta Libenstein who is an American Property Tycoon. The dog has its own butler and he has view residences include a Madonna`s mansion in Miami, Florida

2. Kalu the Chimp

2.kalu The Chimpanze Top 8 Richest Pets in the World

kalu The Chimpanze

Kalu the Chimpanzee is worth £53 million. His fortune came from Patricia O`Neill who inherited huge money from his rich husband Frank O`Neill. Different from Most chimp in Africa, Kalu stays on a luxury estate in Cape town

3. Toby Rimes (Dog)

3.toby rimes the dog Top 8 Richest Pets in the World

Toby Rimes The dog

Toby Rimes, a poodle, has inherited £15.000.000 from his master Ella Wendel in 1931 long before the dog was born. At this moment, the dog has £30 million on their bank account. The money already stayed on the bank for 80 years.

4.Oprah Winfrey Dog.

4.Oprah Winfrey’s dogs 1 Top 8 Richest Pets in the World

Oprah Winfrey Dog

Oprah Winfrey has view lucky canines that will inherit £30 million from the owner. Oprah has huge love for her dogs and she has enough fortune to be shared with them. Oprah makes around £156 million from her show annually and it seems not really difficult for her to share some of fortune with her cute canines

5. Gigoo (Hen)

5 Gigoo the Hen £10 million Top 8 Richest Pets in the World

Gigoo the Hen

Humans rarely treat chicken kindly. Their eggs are stolen and their legs, wings and meats are fried. This general treatment is not apply to Gigoo. After it is petted by publishing tycoon, Miles Blackwell, the hen inherited £10 million in 2000, a year after the death of Miles Blackwell`s wife, Briony

6. Blackie ( Cat)

6 Blackie the cat £9 million Top 8 Richest Pets in the World

Blacckie the Cat

Blackie is a domesticate cat of Ben Rea. Recently, the cat inherited share from Ben Rea for £9.000.000

7. Trouble (Maltese Terrier)

7 Trouble the dog £7.2 million Top 8 Richest Pets in the World

Trouble the DOG

In 2007, Trouble, a white Maltese Terrier, received £7.2 million from his master, a renowned socialite, Leona Hemsley. The inheritance triggered Hemsley`s relatives response and as consequences, the dog only received £5 million left. It was not troublesome situation for Trouble anyway. Trouble still continues to live in a luxury residence in New York City.

8. Flossie (Drew Barrymore`s Labrador Retriever)

8 Flossie the dog £3.6 million Top 8 Richest Pets in the World


One day, this white Labrador Retriever saved Drew Barrymore`s life from a fire. Her house burned down to ashes and the dog fetched up with other Drew Barrymore`s house which worth £3.6 million. Flossie has made a huge job for Drew and it makes the dog listed on the chart of richest pet in the world.

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