Top 10 Most Intelligent Animals in the World

Here’s a list of most intelligent animals in the world. As we know that animals are mostly a group of multi-cellular of the kingdom animal. There are many species of animals that includes of the intelligent animals. Animals intelligent is known from the learn about the origins of human intelligence by studying the mental processes of other species. Here is a list of the most intelligent animals that ever in the world.

10. Portia Labiata Jumping Spider

Most inteligent animal 1 Top 10 Most Intelligent Animals in the World

Portia Labiata Jumping Spider

Also known as the White-whiskered Portia, they occupied the critical areas and secondary forests in Africa, Asia, and Australia. This spider has shown the ability to study in laboratory tests and the bug has been labeled the smartest in the world. Portia labiata has a great eye and has been seen using a remarkable instinctive behavior.

9. Rat

Most inteligent animal 2 Top 10 Most Intelligent Animals in the World


Rat is one of the most studied animals and tested in this planet. In 2007, a study found that rats have a metacognition, which is a mental ability previously only been documented in humans and some primates. Rats have a remarkable sense of smell and hearing. Rats are social animals and show signs of remorse, joy, loss, and stress.

8. Ravens & Crows

Most inteligent animal 3 Top 10 Most Intelligent Animals in the World

Crows and Ravens

Peak crow scale IQ, which is a scientific test to determine the intelligence of birds. They can count, distinguish complex shapes, and observational learning tasks. Ravens do a lot of the same behavior as a crow, but they have been recognized for their ability to drop the nuts, shellfish, muscles, and clams on the highway, waiting for cars to run them over, and then collect the prize.

7. Border Collie

Most inteligent animal 4 Top 10 Most Intelligent Animals in the World

Border Collie

Border Collie is widely regarded as the most intelligent dog breed in the world. They have an extraordinary sense of smell and is widely regarded as a great quantity dogs. They can be trained as drug dogs or search and rescue as well. This dog will clearly identify you as an individual personality, and find a way to get what they want.

6. North Pacific Giant Octopus

Most inteligent animal 5 Top 10 Most Intelligent Animals in the World

North Pacific Giant Octopus

These creatures live in deep water. They are a family owned and Cephalopod molluscs class. They have a remarkable observation of learning and problem solving abilities. Octopus has a very large system of nerve, but only partially found in their brains. Animals are very sharp eyesight, sense of touch, and very fast.

5. African Grey Parrot

Most inteligent animal 6 Top 10 Most Intelligent Animals in the World

African Grey Parrot

African Grey parrot is a species found in West and Central African rain forest. Parrots have long been able to demonstrate that they can imitate human speech. These birds communicate with each other through the songs, calls and body language. African Grey’s can easily be trained to have conversations and activities. They managed to imitate, create voices and sound perfect household.

4. Elephant

Most inteligent animal 11 Top 10 Most Intelligent Animals in the World


There are three living species of elephants, African Bush Elephant, African forest elephant and Asian elephant. All offspring inherit the same genetic estimated genius. Elephants have exceptional hearing and they use their ears and trunk to listen.

3. Rhesus Monkey

Most inteligent animal 7 1024x768 Top 10 Most Intelligent Animals in the World

Rhesus Monkey

Apart from humans, monkeys are the most widespread genus in the world. Rhesus monkeys are known for intelligence and because it has been widely used in biological and medical research. These animals have a remarkable memory, the ability to learn, and make their own decisions. They use a very similar facial expressions and understood by humans.

2. Dolphin Bottle

Most inteligent animal 8 Top 10 Most Intelligent Animals in the World

Dolphin Bottle

Dolphin a bottle live in warm waters worldwide and is the most intelligent species of dolphins. It has a very large brain and the cerebral cortex and the frontal lobe is 40% larger then humans. They use echolocation to hunt prey, and certain forms of squeaks and whistles to communicate with one another.

1. Common Chimpanzee

Most inteligent animal 10 300x300 Top 10 Most Intelligent Animals in the World


It can be found in wet tropical forests and savannas of West and Central Africa. Chimpanzee’s to learn, perform tasks thought organization, and has a better memory then any other animal. They have been known to beat the college-educated people in the memory test. They can be taught to use computers to solve numerical problems. These animals can quickly adapt and perform sign language to communicate with humans.

Have you ever communicate with one of these most intelligent animals above?

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