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Find the Most Interesting Insect Facts, including Animal information, Insect facts, opinions and resources. These insects are both weird, wacky, and unique, some are safe and others are more dangerous.

Giant Walking Stick
The giant walking stick is a very large insect and the largest of the walking stick insects. It can reach over one foot long or over 15 inches in length

Bullet Ant
Found in Brazil and South America, this and can leave a powerful sting

Goliath beetle
The Goliath is the world’s largest beetle insect.

Twisted winged parasite
Also known as the Strepsiptera, these insects have over ten family relatives.

Cave Weta
Cave weta are also called Rhaphidophoridae because they are truly interesting crickets that live in a cave

Hercules beetle
The worlds largest rhinoceros beetle can be found in the rain forest of Central America.

Assassin bugs
Assassin bug prey and attack on other bugs in groups. They include ants termites, and diplopods

Cave Glowworm
Waitomo Glowworm Caves can be found in the northern parts of New Zealand and it makes for special site of glowworms.

Jungle Nymph
This insect is found in Malaysia and resembles a Praying Mantis.

Humans are still learning more about the Mosquito and their ability to carry diseases such as Malaria and Hay Fever. Adding Mosquito nets in Africa has saved tons of lives against this potent insect.

Orchid mantis
This Praying Mantis is also found in Malaysia, but the interesting fact about this Praying Mantis is that it’s Purple!

Western honeybee
One of the most studied and familiar bees in the world is the European honey bee or called the western honey bee

Killer Bees
One of the most feared insects in the world, the African bee can be dangerous when it stings has been known to kill 2 people per year in the US alone.

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