Most Interesting Fish

Find the Most Interesting Fish Facts, including Animal information, Fish facts, opinions and resources. These fish are special and interesting for their unique qualities, whether they be dangerous or scary, or just plan weird and cool fish to learn about. Some swim in the ocean, others in rivers, lakes, and fresh water.

  • Toothpick Fish is called the Candiru fish and looks like a long tooth pick.
  • The Piranha is still one of the most studied and interesting fish in the world. For one, the Piranha will bite your hand off.
  • The Lions Mane Jellyfish is one of our most interesting because a sting can be very painful, and some jelly fish stings can actual kill you
    LionManeJellyFish Most Interesting Fish

    LionMane JellyFish

More Interesting Fish in our list

Angel Fish

angelfish Most Interesting Fish

angel fish


abolone Most Interesting Fish


Alaskan Pollack
Blue Tang

Clown Fish

Clown Fish Most Interesting Fish

Clown Fish

Sea Bass
Manta Ray – Sting Ray
Manta Ray1 Most Interesting Fish

Rock Fish
Sea Horse
Sea Nettle
Yellow Tail

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