Most Interesting Dog Breeds

Find the Most Interesting Dog Breeds Facts, including Animals information, Dog facts, opinions and resources. There are many facts that make one dog breed more interesting than others. Many of these dog breeds have different qualities based upon where the dogs came from and what are the inherent factors about these dogs that make them special and interesting.

The Rottweiler
Doberman Pinscher
Labrador Retriever
Golden Retriever
Border Collie
The Beagle
The Sheepdog
German Shepherd

The most interesting dog breed in our list has now become the Portuguese Water Dog. Why? Because this was chosen as the first dog and the official dog of the President the United States, Barack Obama. After the president chose this dog breed as the first dog and dog for his kids, it became a national phenomenon and one of the most famous and most interesting dog breeds searched for in America

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