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Interesting Memorial Day Facts

Find the most interesting, fun, fascinating and weird facts about the Memorial Day holiday in the United States. This holiday is celebrated in the end of May and companies let their employees take the day off to pay their respects to the veterans, soldiers, army, navy, and those who fought in wars and or died [...]

Interesting Mothers Day Facts and Ideas

That time of year is almost here and it’s time to start thinking about Mom for Mother’s Day. Mother’s Day is the perfect time to pay respect to your mom who raised you and be sure to reach out and call, send a card, flowers, or special gift to Mom for Mother’s Day. It’s a [...]

Fun Cinco De Mayo Facts

Find some of the most fun, interesting, and fascinating facts about the upcoming holiday celebrated in the United States and Mexico on the 5th of May called Cinco de Mayo. Cinco de Mayo is one of of the most fun holidays of the year. As with St Patricks day, it’s a great day for Mexican [...]