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Most Interesting Facts for Halloween

Find some of the most interesting, weird, fascinating, odd, and fun facts for the Halloween Holiday! Halloween is one of the coolest and scariest holidays of the year and comes on October 31rst each year. Halloween is the holiday that consumes the most candy over any other Holiday in the year. People spend billions of [...]

Most Interesting X Factor

If you haven’t seen the new singing show on Fox, the X-Factor by Simon Cowell with guest judges, Paula Abdul, L.A. Reid, and Nicole Scherzinger, you are surely missing out! Find some interesting facts about the X-Factor show and some info about what makes this show different from American Idol and other hit singing competitions [...]

Interesting Facts about the 2012 election

As we approach the back end of the 2011 year, the political world from the Republican and Democratic parties are posturing for their way and lobbying to improve their position in the 2012 election. Even President Obama is lobbying by pushing through new bills such as the American Jobs Act to help stimulate the economy [...]

Most Interesting Wallpaper

View our list of the most interesting wallpaper for your computer desktop in your house. Find some of the coolest desktop computer wallpaper with High Resolution and HD images bringing this images to life when they are set as your pc desktop background. These amazing designs will make any computer screen or monitor in your [...]

Most Interesting Facts about Abraham Lincoln

Find the most interesting facts about the President of the United States, Abraham Lincoln. Some of the most odd, weird, cool, and exciting facts about the only president in the United States to have a beard. who lives on in the memorial in Washington DC and was known for his historic speech at Gettysburg called [...]