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Best Songs for a Party

If you are throwing a party, a wedding, or just any party to have some fun and your looking for the best songs for a Party, then we have a great list for your ipod, or your playlist for your big event. These songs are so much fun and everyone loves them and they make [...]

Best Songs to Sing Along to

View our list of the best songs to sing along to. These songs will get everyone in a party singing along with the songs as the lyrics are known by everyone and there so much fun to sing in a bar, in a party, and anywhere when you turn these songs up loud on the [...]

Best Fight Songs

View our list of the best fight songs in music. These songs are great fighting songs to get you pumped up for a battle, whether walking into the boxing ring, or just a great song about a fight. Many of these songs have the word fight in the song and were written for a big [...]

Best Songs for the Prom

View the best songs to set as your Prom song, these songs are classic and make for classic prom songs in your high school. The official prom song is one that you will slow dance to and never forget that special time in your life. I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing by Aerosmith I’ll [...]

Best Songs for Friends

View our list of the best songs for friends and if you need a friendship song to show someone they aren’t going to be more than friends or one of your friends needs a song to boost them up, try one of these amazing songs for friends. I Turn to You by Christina Aguilera I’ll [...]

Best Pool Party Songs

View our list of the best songs to play at a pool party. These songs are so perfect for party at the pool and in the summer sun. Most of these songs reference being outside and near the pool or soaking up the sun and make you wish you out swimming in the pool at [...]

Best Songs for the Summer

View our list of the best songs for the summer. These summer time hits are the perfect songs for the summer season and to play on your stereo or computer the first day of summer when it’s time to go outside and enjoy the sun! All Summer Long by Kid Rock Blister in the Sun [...]

Sexiest Songs of All Time

View our list of the sexiest songs of all time. Everything knows that sex sells and it’s not different in the music industry. These songs are so sexy that they make the list of the sexiest songs in the history of music. 2 Become 1 by Spice Girls About Us by Brooke Hogan All the [...]

Most Comforting Songs

View our list of the most comforting songs as when you play them on the speakers, they elude a sense of comfort and friendship. All of these songs are great to play for a friend in need or when you need a pick me up. Angel by Sarah McLachlan Beautiful Day by U2 Bridge Over [...]

Best Eye Candy

View our list of the top artists and celebrities that are the best eye candy meaning they turn tons of heads as soon as you walk by them. In real person or on camera these artists and celebs are great eye candy. Adam Levine Chester Bennington Chris Brown Fergie Haley Williams Jonas Brothers Jordin Sparks [...]