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The Strongest Girl in the World

This post will discuss an interesting info about the strongest girl in the world. If you curious to find out who is the strongest girl in our planet, you will get the answer here. First thing to remember, the girl is not as big as big Hulk Hogan or muscular as Mike Tyson. She is [...]

Amazing Hill with The Most Crosses in the World

The amazing Hill with the most Cross in the world is called “Kryžiu kalnas”. It is located at the north of Šiauliai city at North Lithuania. The first man who put the first cross is unknown and Lithuanian believe that the first cross on the cross hill was set during the Lithuanian-Pole rebellion in 1831. [...]

5 Coldest Places in the world

  Once you stay a month in one of 5 places I am going to mention on the following list, you won’t need to wear a thick coat when you are in London or Swiss during the winter. This is 5 coldest places in the world. Most of the areas below are under territory of [...]

Fastest 1 million Twitter Follower in the world

This post will inform you the celebrity who has a million twitter followers faster than any celebrities or person in the world. Around a week ago, Guinness book officially renew their entry with a new record that was made by Charlie Sheen, fastest 1 million twitter followers. Out of his downside life as drug user [...]

Biggest Wine Collection in the World

  Do you know who owns the biggest wine collection in the world? If the answer is No, I am here to give the answer for that question. This post is all about Milestii Mici, The largest city of wine in the world, located in laloveni district, Moldova. This district is divided into 2 villages, [...]

Top 5 Biggest Construction Vehicles in the World

  Tallest building, biggest malls, highest dams, and most modern offices do not rise up on their own. It took loads of hard work, dedications, and the help of giant construction machines that will cutoff the execution plan. Here are view giant machines that I meant. I title this post Top 5  Biggest Construction Vehicles [...]

The Youngest Tallest Woman in the World

Top 10 tallest women in the world according to Wikipedia do not listed her name. She is Elisany Silva or Elizane Cruz Silva or Silva da Cruz Elizane. She is from Brazil, she is currently listed as the youngest tallest woman in the world, and she is around 16 years old this time.     [...]

Top 3 Biggest Truck in the World

This time, I want to post top 3 biggest production truck in the world. Those trucks are not produced by Individual and functional. Mostly, they are employed in the mining areas and capable to carry tons of payloads and move it to specific location or processing plants. 3. Titan TEREX Titan TEREX is made by [...]

Biggest Chocolate Bar in the world

In this post, you will find the recent record of biggest chocolate bar in the world. The chocolate bar did not come from a famous chocolate maker in Swiss or Belgium. The chocolate bar came from Armenia and one of chocolate maker from that country made a chocolate bar that is larger enough to beat [...]

Newest Tallest LEGO Tower in the World

52 cities around the world have participated in a competition to build tallest LEGO tower in the world and the winner is a LEGO tower which was built by adults in Santiago, Chile. The Lego Tower on the Chilean capital is higher than the previous world`s tallest Lego tower that was set in Duisberg, Germany [...]