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Top 5 Richest Presidents and Head of States in the World

If you already know who is the richest man in 2010, perhaps you also want to know who is the richest presidents or head states in the world in the last 2 years. Here I have the little information about them. I title this post 5 Richest President and head of states in the World [...]

Top 10 Most Beautiful Palaces in the World

When Royals were born to earth, they had privileges to create little heavens in the world and claimed it as their resident. With decent lump of money from the people they built their vision of heaven came true and now we can see some of their imagination of heaven on this post. Here 10 Most [...]

Youtube`s Luckiest Person in 2011

If you believe Youtube can make you millionaire, perhaps It will be happen if you try. Talk about Youtube, they have turned Justin Bieber and Marié Christina Digby from nobody to somebody and transformed them to be a new Youtube millionaire. The question now is what if you are not good in singing other people [...]

The Most Precious Skimming Stone in the world

Do you remember when is the last time you were playing skimming flat stones with your friends or sons on a quiet lake at your grand mother`s village? If the answer is only a week ago and your son wants more skipping stones games, It is good idea to buy him one of the gold [...]

Top 7 Most Popular Clashes on the ocean

Here`s 7 most popular wars on sea or accident on the ocean.I title this post, top 7 most popular clashes on the ocean. 1. Freedom Flotilla vs. Israeli Defense Forces A Clash between freedom flotilla ship and Israeli defense forces was one of the most popular news in 2010. On that time, From Istanbul, Freedom [...]

World`s Biggest Bank Notes in History

This is 8 biggest bank notes in the history of the world. All those bank notes represent the bad impact of hyperinflation. When the paper money introduced to public, it is expected that those bills will save the economy from collapse. Sadly, those huge bank notes never be a good option to sustain the economy. [...]

Top 7 Coolest Sport Stadiums in The world

A cool sport stadium or soccer stadium can be a magnet for international tourists and it can be a great investment to add more revenue for a country.Here`s 7 coolest sport stadiums in the world.  Some of them already have  historical moments of world cup and Olympiad. I guess most of you have already seen [...]

Biggest and Most Expensive Google`s Building in New York

This building is located at 111 Eighth Avenue and it is now the latest building that Google bought in 2010. Now, 111 Eighth Avenue is a huge Google building that located near on top of Hudson Street/Ninth Avenue fiber highway. It is perfect building for Google company because it is located directly above the fiber [...]

7 Biggest Machines in the world

Here`s 7 biggest machines in the world. The machines were manufactured for special purpose and to solve the hardest challenge that was never unriddle before. Next, these are the details 1. Biggest Drilling machine in the world- Strata 950. Last year, trapped Chilean miners headlined many publication worldwide. To set the miners free, Chile government [...]