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Top 10 Best Reality Shows in the world in the last decade

These 10 reality shows are popular, loved, and sometimes hated.If you ever watched one of them I like to know your opinion about them. Here`s most addictive and 10 best reality shows in the world in the last 10 years 10.Survivor Survivor were popular reality show in US, UK and many other countries for more [...]

Top 10 Fastest Production Motorcycle in the world

Here`s top 10 fastest production motorcycle in the world. Most of the motorbikes are ready to buy and if you afford to buy it, make sure you already have insurance to cover any accident that might happen to you or to your bike No 10. Brand: Ducati 848 Specs Machine: 849 cc (51.8 cu in), [...]

5 Weirdest Wars in the world

These 5 wars are unique and never happened in any country . Here`s 5 weirdest wars in the world ever 5. Quickest War in the world: The Anglo-Zanzibar War-40 minutes long On 27 August 1896, a war between the United Kingdom and Zanzibar happened and the conflict only lasted 40 minutes after British ultimatum.The reason [...]

7 Biggest Food Fights in the world

For these country below,Food is also used to celebrate special anniversary. Instead of eaten, the food is thrown to other people. Wasteful ? yes sure.Luckily, it not happen everyday. Here`s 10 biggest food fight in the world. You can call it food party if you want it 1.Oranges Battle The Battle of the Oranges or [...]

Most Amazing Planets and Stars in the Universe

Here`s Most Amazing Planets and Stars in the universe. Compare to some planet, Earth is bigger.Compare to “other planet” Earth is just a stone of sand in the Universe. Lets compare it Mercury Mercury is the innermost and smallest planet in the Solar System, the planet circling the Sun once every 87.969 Earth days. Size [...]

10 Most Polluted Cities on Earth

Pollution is never be a simple problem. Careless government and people contribute to every gram of pollutant that fly on the air or floating on their water resources.Next here`s 10 most polluted cities on earth 10. New Delhi-India In another part of city New Delhi, there are some areas where people dump their trash and [...]

5 Famous Movies Character that are Real

Here`s 5 famous movie characters that are real You might watch one of theses movie. These 5 movies hit box office several time ago. The stories were taken from real life story, this is the detail 5.Movie: Rain man Movie Character: Raymond Babbitt Played by Dustin Hoffman Real character: Kim Peek Kim Peek is a [...]

Top 10 New Guinness World`s Record of 2011

Here`s top 10 New Guinness world`s records of 2011 10.Smallest Cow in the world This is Dexter cow Swallow. The cow comes from Pike End Farm in North Yorkshire and it breaks new records of world`s smallest cows because it is only 33 inches (0.8m) tall. Look how adorable he is. 9. Largest Smurf Collection [...]

Top 10 Most Expensive Designer Sunglasses in the World

Sunglasses or eyeglasses become one of the modern lifestyle. People is wearing designer eyeglasses not just when They’re lying on the beach but also when they’re hang out in the weekend. Some of the designer sunglasses are the most expensive one and made by the reputable designer in the world. So, let’s take a look [...]

7 Most Popular Hollywood Divorce in 2010

Here`s list of 2010 most popular Hollywood divorce. 1. Kate Winslet & Sam Mendes Divorce: March, 2010 Kate Winslet ( actrees) and Sam Mendes ( movie director) had been living together in same roof for 7 years. Before the break up, Kate Winslet won Oscar for the movie “The Reader”in category best actress in 2008. [...]