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11 Most Failed Forecasting in the World

Since the early time, people tends to give a negative opinion to something that is out of his/her calculation. Fortunately, world is not only filled with people like that. There is some people around us who rather die trying than hearing a blank comment. Here`s the list of 11 most failed forecasting in the world. [...]

10 Safest places in the world

Here`s the list of safest places/fortress in the world. If you are millionaire with billions of dollars asset, I think you could have access to rent some spaces in this area. Of course, you need to pay more money than what you pay to rent a safety box in a bank. 1. London Tower Inside [...]

Top 10 Most Dangerous Countries in the World

When police and army are no longer effective to stop criminals and bad guys to rob and take other people lives, Crimes happen and create tensions and terrors. Here`s the list of 10 most dangerous countries in the world. As to notice, the list could be changed in the future. 10. Russia Although the country [...]

6 Crazy Effects of Cocaine to the World

as we know together, Cocaine become a serious personal, regional and international problem this time.Some people do make money in this industry but it is unfortunate that they make money from the suffering of others. Here  is 6 Crazy effects of cocaine. I hope this information could give you a strong reason to stay away [...]

10 Most Unusual Hotels in the World

These hotels below are more than any conventional hotel that you have already seen in a city or brochures. In this hotel, you can get the adventure itself without you have to leave the room. This is 10 most unusual hotels in the world The Giraffe Manor Nairobi, Kenya The Giraffe Manor is a unique [...]

10 Biggest Libraries in The World

Book is the window of a knowledge and a library is one of the best place to read it. With books, we know new things and we can crack mysteries. In our planet, we can find some of the finest place to find and read books. This is 10 of them . This is the [...]

Top 10 Most Beautiful Swimming Pools in the World

Swimming has many advantages. This sport is losing our stress, lowers our body temperature, makes us relax, and in a swimming pool, we can find loads of fun as well. Almost all hotels in the world has a best swimming pool facility and some of them is listed here. This is top 10 most beautiful [...]

10 Scariest Horror Movies Ever

Although “scare” is subjective, I believe one of these horror movies below is something that scared you if you have ever watched it. I compile this list from my own experience and several resources. If you like to submit your horror movie, you can submit it on the comment area. 1. The Exorcist (1973) This [...]

10 Greatest and most Famous Diamonds in the world

Diamond is a special stone that is priced and valued more then any other stone in the world. Diamond with a huge size and unique color is obviously become the pride and symbol of honor of the owner. This is the list of 10 Greatest and most famous diamonds in the world. Most of them [...]

6 Interesting Ideas for Honeymoon

Honeymoon is a special moment. We always want to get romantic moments together during the honeymoon so that we can remember it forever. This is 6 most interesting ideas for honeymoon. 01. Dance lesson together. Experience dancing lesson together could be great idea to spend your honeymoon. With dancing, you can explore the romantic feeling [...]