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Top 10 Most Expensive Laptop in the World 2010

Laptop Computer is becoming one of the everybody’s need nowadays. The reason is because they can be brought everywhere instead of the conventional PC that so heavy. People are trying to make better and better laptop that also become more and more expensive. Some of the laptop company produce¬† most expensive laptop in the world. [...]

Top 10 Most Expensive Cars in the World 2010

Here’s a list of most expensive cars in the world 2010. As we know that car is a type of vehicle and a form as a transportation tool. Nowadays, there are many types or form of cars with variety of price certainly. I guess that you will be surprise when you looks and read this [...]

Top 5 Most Expensive Stamps in the World

Here’s the fact of a list most expensive stamps in the world. A stamp is a distinctive mark or impression made upon an object, a device used to make it, or a distinctive sticker applied to an object. When we have to go to the post office when we will send a letter or many [...]

Top 6 Most Famous Lost Cities in the World

Here’s a list of most famous lost cities in the world. Some lost cities at known sites have been stutied extensively by scietists. Thus, lost cities might be referred to as ghost towns. Cities may become lost a variety of reasons, including economic, geographic and social such as war. Here is a list of the [...]

Top 5 Cheapest Tax Rates in Developed Countries the World

Here’s a list of the cheapest tax rates in developed countries in the world. As we know that every countries must to pay the tax to the government in order to keep the country’s finance. An income tax is a tax levied on the income of individuals or businesses both of corporations or other legal [...]

Top 5 coldest places in the World

Here’s a list of the coldest places in the world. As we know that the countries with cold weather is in west area, such as Swiss, London, and any other countries. Here’s a list of¬† places with known as the coldest places in the world. 5. Northice Station The coldest place in the western hemisphere [...]

The Most Expensive Golf Cart in the World

Here’s the most expensive golf cart in the world. A golf cart is a small vehicle designed originally to carry two golfers and their golf course with less effort than the transition method of walking. Originally, golf cart were electricity powered, but in time gasoline powered variants started to occur. The name of this expensive [...]

Top 4 Most Expensive Bathtubs in the World

Here’s a list of most expensive bathtubs in the world. A bathtub is a plumbing fixture used for bathing. There are many style of the bathtub-shaped, and most modern bathtubs are made of acrylic or fiberglass. We of us knows that the bathroom is very important things that must be in our home. And mostly, [...]

Top 5 Smallest Cars in the World

Here’s a list of the smallest cars in the world. A car is one of the transportation vehicle that there must be of four wheel. There are many types of cars. These small cars is designed in order to be used for a certain time before becoming junk cars. Here is the list of the [...]

Top 5 Most Unique Frogs in the World

Here’s a list of the most unique frog species in the world. Most frogs are characterized by a short body, long hind legs, protruding eyes, webbed digits, and the absence of a tail. So, the frog is one of the amphibious animal that we know. Here are 5 types of frogs that might be the [...]