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Top 5 Most Mysterious Places in The World

Here’s a list of most mysterious places in the world that people still keep asking about how is it happen or what’s going on in the region. Some of these places even become tourist attraction such as Easter Island and Stonehenge. So let’s take a look at those most mysterious places in the world 5. [...]

Top 5 Most Popular Games on Facebook

Here’s a list of top 5 most popular games on facebook. As We all know, facebook become more and more popular nowadays. It’s not just because of the friendship feature offered, but also game feature that become the most popular application on facebook. Among those games, here’s the most popular games played in facebook 5. [...]

Top 10 Most Beautiful Mosques in The World

Here’s a list of most beautiful mosques in the world. Mosques is place for praying for Muslim. Usually mosques was built in the countries with lot of Muslim population. It means that those beautiful mosques is located in those countries. The criteria of these chosen mosques are based on the large of area, history, facilities [...]

The Most Expensive Guitar in The World

Here’s the most expensive guitar in the world. The excesses of celebrities are not something new to be heard. We know of celebrities who spend millions for something that might seem totally zany to people who are less fortunate. The latest celebrity to make news for such wild spending is a mystery English celebrity who [...]

Top 5 Most Expensive Casinos in The World

Here’s the list of most expensive casinos in the world. Those casinos is provide a place for entertainment but also providing most expensive hotel rooms as well. Those casinos cost lot of money to be built. Most of them are located in Las Vegas. Those place is not just for gambling purpose. Those are also [...]

Top 10 Most Amazing Bridges in The World

Here’s a list of most amazing bridges in the world. They’re amazing bridges because They’re beautiful and some of them are old bridge as well. The bridges are also varied in place. From Italy to Korea. Let’s take a look at those most amazing bridges in the world 10. Ponte Vecchio (Italy): Oldest and famous [...]

Top 10 Most Expensive Books in the World Ever Sold

Here’s the list of most expensive books in the world ever sold. Those expensive books are very expensive in price because of the historic value also the scarcity of the book. I guess lot of person already know that the most expensive book in the world is Codex Leicester. But what about the 2nd – [...]

The Most Expensive Sheep in The World from Scotland

Here’s the most expensive sheep in the world. Scottish sheep sold for £231,000 in a Scottish cattle auction. This price set a record as the most expensive prices in the world for sheep. Jimmy Douglas, the new owners named Deveronvale to this sheep. He admire the sheep because the sheep has a good body and [...]

Top 10 Longest Bridges in the World

Here’s the list of longest bridges in the world. Bridges is an important part of human life. Without any bridges, some areas in the earth will remain isolated from other areas. Bridges is also one of the achievement of human technology. With advanced technologies, people can build long bridges with strong construction. So Let’s take [...]

Top 5 Most Expensive Jewelry in the World

Here’s the most expensive jewelry in the world. As We all know, jewelry is a women thing. By wearing any jewelry beautiful women looks more beautiful. But wearing these jewelry is different case. These jewelry is a symbol of wealthy and success. Let’s take a look at these most expensive jewelry in the world 5. [...]