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Top 10 Most Expensive Football Coaches in the World

One of the people well paid in the world is these most expensive football coaches in the world. They are very well paid and works on the job that They like. One thing that is most important is not every good football player can become a good coach and not each good football coach can [...]

Top 10 Most Famous Photos in the World

Here’s the list of most famous photos in the world. Photos is one of the art works that can make people record an event or persons in the past. There’s a lot of photographer that become famous because of the very good photo that He/ She created. Below is the most famous photos that have [...]

Top 4 Most Dangerous Mosquitoes in the World

Mosquitoes is one of the most dangerous insect in the world because They’re the agent of diseases spreading.We have to be aware with the mosquitoes. Some of the mosquitoes is not that dangerous, They just biting our skin and suck our blood. Here’s 4 most dangerous mosquitoes, You should get away from these mosquitoes biting [...]

Antilla, The Most Expensive House in the World from India

Have You ever wondered how luxurious the most expensive house can be? You should read this one. Antilla is the new house of Mukesh Ambani. This house break the record for most expensive house in the world. This is the first home in the world that exceeds $ 1 billion. This house is 570 feets high, [...]

The Longest Baby Name in the World from United Kingdom

Perhaps this British baby has the world’s longest name and of course the most difficult name to remember. The baby have 1 first name, 25 middle names, and 1 family name. The 25 names was all taken from the names of the top boxers in the world. “All of it comes from the mom and [...]

Top 10 Most Bizarre Weather in the World

Weather in the world is different among places around the world. Some people can feel and see the common weather condition, meanwhile other places have strange and unusual weather and nature phenomenon. This is the list of top 10 most bizarre weather in the world: 1. Sea Monster or Spinning Water? Loch Ness Monster may [...]

Color Parker, Future Pen with The Color as You Wish

Color Picker is a pen that can scan any color from the objects around us and can be used instantly to draw / write. The way it works are, the first attach sensor on the object that have the color we want, then press the Scan button. RGB cartridge will work so that the color [...]

Top 10 Most Dangerous Traditions Around the World in Modern Era

Tradition (Latin: traditio) in the simplest sense is something that has been done for a long time and become part of the lives of a group of people, usually from a country, culture, time, or the same religion. The most fundamental thing of tradition is the information transmitted from generation to generation, both written and [...]